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Everything You Need to Know Before You Shop for Your Dell Laptop with Windows 7

Dell produces a variety of laptops for use in home, office, and school. The Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop and the Dell Latitude Windows 7 are two of the models that are currently available in the Dell laptops Windows 7 category. eBay offers a large selection of Dell Windows 7 laptops, many of which can be customized with various features such as memory, processor type, and software.

Which versions come with a Windows 7 laptop?

Windows 7 is available in 32-bit Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions. The following list of key features might help you to decide which version to purchase on eBay's webssite.

  • Windows 7 Starter - 2GB physical memory; available only in 32-bit architecture; no support for Windows Aero or Media Center; premium games not included
  • Windows 7 Home Basic - 4GB physical memory for 32 bit, 8GB for 64 bit; partial support for Windows Aero; no support for Media Center; does not include premium games
  • Windows 7 Home Premium - 4GB physical memory for 32 bit, 16GB for 64 bit; full Aero and Media Center support
  • Windows 7 Professional - 4GB memory (32 bit), 192GB memory (64 bit); dynamic disks; file encryption
  • Windows 7 Ultimate - 4GB memory (32 bit), 192GB (64 bit); file end drive encryption; dynamic disks
What software comes with the laptop?

Your Dell laptop computer Windows 7 comes with Microsoft Office Suite, third-party anti-virus software, and Adobe Reader application pack which are usually pre-loaded in most Dell Windows 7 laptops. Specific models may ship with additional software. You should always consult the manufacturer's descriptions to determine the suitability of a specific version for your situation. In many cases, online upgrades may be available.

What comes in the box at time of purchase?

Whether you buy your laptop new or used, there is often a Dell Windows 7 laptop charger and a quick start user guide. There may be other items included at the time of purchase, such as special offers from partner companies or supplemental information concerning device safety and operation. Check with your eBay seller to see what other items come with the laptop.

What is the average battery life of Dell laptops?

The Dell Windows 7 laptop battery has an average life of 8-10 hours, although actual battery life varies for specific models and features, as well as with personal usage. Some activities, such as media streaming, are power-intensive and will place higher demands on battery life.