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Differentials Parts for Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery is an all-wheel drive luxury SUV made by British automaker Jaguar Land Rover, part of the Rover family but smaller than the Range. This model comes equipped with a locking center differential, allowing buyers added variety in their driving experience. Differentials parts for the Land Rover Discovery can be helpful for maintenance.

What is a differential?

The differential on a vehicle such as your Discovery is a component made up of several parts, including shafts, flanges, and gears. Differentials enable the drive shaft of your Discovery to rotate the road wheels at different speeds. This is necessary during turns so that the outer wheel rotates more than the inner wheel. The Discovery, similarly to the Range and other Rovers in the Land Rover brand, has all-wheel drive, which means that your vehicle has both a front and a rear differential.

What are the parts of a differential?

A differential on your Discovery consists of these basic parts: a flange, a ring gear, side and pinion "spider" gears, and left and right axle shafts. The flange is attached to the drive shaft, which transfers engine power from the engine to the differential. The differential then transfers engine power through its gears to the axle shafts, which connect to and spin the wheels of your Discovery. All the parts of the differential on your Discovery must be in working order for the differential to perform its function of transferring engine power from the engine to the wheels.

What are signs that a differential is failing?

If your Land Rover differential is failing, it may emit a whining noise, which indicates that the gear oil is failing to properly lubricate the parts, causing excessive friction and wear and tear. Another sign might be that your Land Rover will experience heavier vibrations, especially when turning. If your Land Rover has these signs, the differential parts should be checked immediately and replaced with parts that are compatible with your Discovery model, year, and edition.

What would cause a differential to fail?

Land Rover parts and accessories offer high reliability, but failure can occur during the lifetime of the vehicle as the result of regular use. Failure of parts and accessories on your Land Rover might also be the result of poor vehicle maintenance. Your Land Rovers differential can fail due to inadequate lubrication of its parts, which is caused by water getting into the differential and diluting the lubrication oil that prevents excessive wear between parts due to friction. If the differential lubrication oil goes without replacement for too long, it may break down and again cause the differential to fail from parts wear. The differential can also fail if a bearing or seal breaks.