Disney Cases for Apple iPhone 6s Plus

How to Choose Cases, Covers, and Skins for the iPhone 6s Plus

An iPhone 6s Plus is a luxe smartphone packed with features, and in order to keep it in good shape and minimize damage from everyday drops, bumps, or falls, using a case is essential. For fans of Disney movies and characters, there are numerous types and designs of Plus cases from which to choose.

Which Types of Phone Cases Can I Choose?

Before you pick which designs or colors you want in a case for your Plus, you should firstnarrow down the iPhone 6 Plus case types. There are a few types that offer varied levels of protection and have their own aesthetics, and where you take your phone on a daily basis may determine which type of iPhone 6 case you need.

  • A wallet case combines the benefits of a case and a wallet. Not only isthereroom for your iPhone, but there are typically slots for your credit cards, drivers license, and sometimes some room for cash as well.
  • Bumper cases typically have thicker material around the edges of the case to protect your iPhone 6s Plus from drops. The rest of the case is usually slim-fitting and may be made from a different material than the bumper portion.
  • There are crossbody-style cases for your Plus model that are situated on a strap, similar to a purse. They fit across your body, so you can wear your phone instead of carrying it to keep your hands free.

What Materials Are Used to Make Cases?

Choosing the perfect case for your iPhone 6 Plus means you want to find the material that fits your needs closely.

  • A rigid plastic case forms a protective shell around your phone. These hard-shell options may have features such as anti-scratch options or a built-in screen protector. Theyre also typically sturdy and some models may even be waterproof.
  • A case made from a softer material such as silicone, TPU, or rubber is flexible and fits your iPhone snugly. Theyre lightweight and protect your iPhone 6 from bumps and drops; however, you may need to add a separate screen protector for complete protection.
  • Leather cases add a touch of elegance to your iPhone 6s Plus. These could be faux or genuine leather with designs engraved into the leather for a subtler look. Additionally, leather is soft and wears well over time.

What Are Some Design Options?

When it comes to the design of your case, you can choose your favorite Disney characters or other famous images from the company for your iPhone 6 Plus case.

  • A clear option for your Plus could have characters like Mickey or the Cheshire cat on the front and be either shiny or matte in its finish.
  • Images from the companys parks, such as the Haunted Mansion ride, are another option.
  • Movie characters are a common choice, and colorful cases with the princesses from Frozen or characters from Star Wars can liven up your iPhone.

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