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Dome Home Security Cameras

Dome home security cameras are available from a large number of different brands, including Samsung, Logitech, and Night Owl Security. Security cameras allow you to see what occurs around your house or business. These cameras come in a rounded dome shape that allows you to quickly swivel the camera in any direction.

What are some features available with these home security cameras?

These home security devices can be equipped with a large variety of features depending on the security camera you select. Some surveillance devices are outfitted with a certain amount of built-in memory storage that will record and save some of the footage of your property. A number of these security cameras are built with audio recording capability that will capture sounds from a specific range along with the video. Outdoor home security devices typically include weatherproofing materials as well as infrared vision to allow you to see what is happening at night. A number of these security cameras are made with features that help them to stay secure.

All of these home security cameras come with varifocal lenses. This is a type of lens that allows you to alter the focal length of the lens in order to zoom in on certain objects in the frame. Additional features that are included in some of these systems are wide-angle capture and a tilting feature.

What does the resolution of an outdoor camera refer to?

The resolution of an outdoor camera refers to the clarity that is provided by the video captured on the camera. Resolution is listed as a number in front of either TVL or P. The first of these refers to TV lines, and the second stands for progressive scan. The number listed with either of these symbols indicates how many horizontal lines are displayed on the screen. The higher the number of lines, the more detailed the picture will be. The Dome home surveillance cameras can extend as high as 2160P.

What are the different connectivity types available with these cameras?

There are several different ways that your surveillance camera can send signals to your computer or another source that will allow you to view what is happening around your business or home, including through a wired network connection or a wired closed system.

  • Network-wired: This is a type of surveillance system where the power and video are sent through a hardwired connection from the camera to the recording device. All of this can be accomplished with a single wire.
  • Network-wireless: This is a type of system that allows the data from the camera to be sent to your home router over a Wi-Fi connection. There still needs to be a power source hooked up to this type of device. Power sources can include batteries, solar power, or a wire.
  • Closed system-wired: This is a closed-circuit system that requires the usage of two wires from the camera, one that powers the device and another that sends the data to a DVR.
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