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EMG Guitar Pickups

EMG pickups are designed to deliver tone, responsiveness, and dependability when used with acoustic or electric guitars. Since 1976, EMG has produced passive and active pickups that can help you bring out the right sound on your electric or acoustic guitar regardless of the type or manufacturer.

What exactly are guitar pickups?

Pickups are the small devices seen on acoustic or electric guitars beneath the area where the player strums or picks the strings. They are responsible for creating the actual sound. All of them work on the basic idea that the strings of a guitar become magnetic when plugged in. Their magnetic field interferes with the magnetic field of the coils when they are picked, producing an electric current that is translated into sound. In short, it is a necessary accessory if you are going to play your guitar through an amplifier.

What are passive pickups?

The classic design of passive pickups from EMG incorporate numerous wire coils around a central magnet. They do not require an external power source the way their active counterparts do. These types of pickups typically pick up more background noise, but they also have a larger dynamic range. EMG humbuckers are passive, yet they are quiet as well and feature responsive outlet. The alnico and ceramic magnets combined with overwound coils produce extremely warm and powerful tones.

What are active pickups?

Active pickups use fewer coils than the classic type and require an additional 9-volt power supply to operate. With fewer coils, these are a quieter design, but they also have a smaller dynamic range. The EMG 81 is a type of active humbucker. Its output is warm and clear, and it responds to small variations in playing style from the guitarist. The type of ceramic magnets that are used, combined with close aperture coils, make for an extremely versatile component. These respond very well to additional EQing of the signal as well.

Which pickup is right for specific genres?

When shopping for a guitar pickup, something to consider is whether you require a broad dynamic range. If so, a passive type of pickup would be the appropriate choice for you and your type of guitar. On the other hand, if you tend to stay within a particular dynamic range or you need to significantly EQ the tone from your guitar, then another type of pickup will probably better suit you.