How to Find Educational PC Video Games

Your kids love to play video games, but you're not sure what the learning value of racing each other in cars or fighting each other with swords is. Fortunately, there are plenty of learning games that kids of all ages (and even adults) not only enjoy playing but provide some new knowledge as well.

What Are Some Game Categories?

Not all educational games have to be about solving math problems or figuring out grammar and spelling. Varied categories of games help to make learning fun, and sometimes, kids may not even realize that they're actually gaining skills as they enjoy themselves.

  • Mystery games are fun for older kids and finding clues and figuring out riddles in order to solve a mystery helps them to develop critical-thinking skills. These titles can also be immersive and enjoyable for kids to get into.
  • Activity titles for young children offer age-appropriate, interactive challenges for preschoolers and up. These computer titles include tools like puzzles, coloring, and mini-games for young kids that are just challenging enough to be fun.
  • You can let young gamers go on a learning journey with educational games in the adventure category. These titles can include activities to enrich skills such as counting and learning colors, or they can help little ones to deal with fast-paced situations in which they must use thinking and problem-solving.

What Are Some Kids' Game Titles?

For children preschool-aged and up, there are many titles to choose from that make education fun, even when it's math or science. There are also options starring beloved characters from TV shows and movies.

  • The I Spy series, such as I Spy School Days, is appropriate for ages five and up. This contains gameplay that teaches players language, encourages creativity, and engages players in situations where they must solve problems.
  • Select titles from the Jump Start series, which come in assorted grade levels, ranging from preschool up to middle-school grades, and use interactive and entertaining challenges to help players with reading, math, and even foreign languages.
  • For young children who are trying to brush up on their typing skills, a title like Mickey's Typing Adventure stars Mickey Mouse, who helps players learn to type via an adventurous, action-packed educational game.

Are There Games for Teens and Adults?

Young players aren't the only ones who can benefit from the brain boost of playing an educational game, as there are also titles for older preteens, teens, and adults.

  • You Don't Know Jack is a series of trivia titles that keeps you on your toes with questions in a variety of categories. It's challenging and enjoyable for older players and adult gamers who don't mind a quick-thinking challenge.
  • Trivia titles are enjoyable, and there are so many options for single and multi-player gamers. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? really stumps players with questions about everything from sports to geography.
  • You can train your brain with Elevate, a quick-moving game that features subtle graphics and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

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