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Looking for Touchscreen Computer Monitors

Touchscreen monitors are for simple and intuitive interaction with your computer system. Depending on your needs, the installation of a touchscreen monitor can be space-saving, time-saving and help with accurate input. We utilize touchscreen technology across a variety of personal and commercial equipment, including phones, tablets, self-service kiosks, signage, point-of-sale systems, and more.

What Touchscreen Features Do I Need to Bear in Mind?

Ask yourself a few questions about what, where, and how when considering what design and size of touch screen you need. There are variances in the features available in this technology to think about before deciding. Some of these include: 

  • Size and Design: Touchscreen monitors or screens may be all-in-one standalone systems or a type to physically connect to your other equipment. Sizes range from those you can transport easily as portable monitors for using in different locations, or desktop models, or wall mounted with optional extendable brackets. If you are going to be standing or sitting in front of your screen for long periods, consider whether you need additional stands and equipment to ensure your posture is ergonomically comfortable.
  • Purpose: The applications and software you access most frequently via the touchscreen should influence your choice. Working on documents and spreadsheets, for example, are often quicker to navigate using an attached keyboard and mouse. If you are will be using your touchscreen in an environment or with an app where time is of the essence, check the touch response time so you get the response speed you need.
  • Display: If more than one user is likely to touch the monitor at once you will need a multi-touch screen that enables this. Some monitors have optional styluses or pens to help with navigating and entering information into touch screens. Other display aspects to consider include whether you want a wide-aspect or standard aspect screen. If you will have multiple people looking at the monitor, check the viewing angles give image clarity for everyone in your environment. 

What Types of Touchscreens Does Elo Make?

Elo has been making professional-grade touchscreens for over forty years. They are providers of interactive solutions for a number of global brands in the retail, commercial and fast-food sectors. 

  • Sizes: Screen sizes range from 7 to 55 inches with widescreen or standard aspect ratios. They also offer zero-bezel and open-frame LCD monitors and screens. These maximize the visible screen you can see and touch and minimize the frame around the edges.
  • Products: Their product range includes touchscreen monitors for computers of all types, tablets, point-of-sale systems, and point-of-information signage. 

Please see the manufacturers website to confirm full details on model sizes and specifications. 

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