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How to Choose Eyeglass Cords

You cant find your glasses... Again. Instead of searching the entire house only to find them on top of your head, you can instead simplify your life by slipping your glasses or your sunglasses onto a cord or strap that fits around your neck. That way, your eyeglasses will always be right where you need them. 

What Are Cords Made Of?

Selecting the right eyeglass cord means considering several factors. Since these accessories come in numerous styles and materials, its important to consider the type of eyewear you have, as cords can work with sunglasses as well as with eyeglasses. You should take your own personal style into account as well. 

  • For flexibility, choose an eyeglass cord made of elastic. These vary in color and feel comfortable around your neck. They generally feature a loop on each end that slips onto your glasses to hold them securely.
  • Glasses chains have an upscale look that makes them look more like a piece of jewelry than a glasses cord. Some have embellishments like crystals or beads to make them stand out even more.
  • Paracord is a sturdy material that comes in assorted colors and designs. Paracord glasses holders typically come with black or clear loops that hold your glasses in place.

What Are Some Cord Styles and Designs?

Wearing an eyeglass cord regularly means you should choose a style or design that complements your existing aesthetic. There are many types to choose from, ranging from solid colors to patterned options.

  • Solid-colored cords range from shades like black, blue, green, and pink to red, yellow, and orange. Purchase a few distinct colors and then switch them out to match whatever youre wearing. 
  • Pearl cords look like a stately pearl necklace, but they have silver clips on each end to hold your eyewear. 
  • Patterned eye cords come in varied prints and designs, such as camouflage or stripes. Some are even embellished with small crystals. 

Do These Cords Have Features?

Yes, so you should investigate the features that sunglass straps and eyeglass cords offer before you make a purchase to ensure you get the type of strap you need for your particular purpose. 

  • Youll want to make sure that the straps are adjustable, which means that you wont have to wear your sunglasses or eyeglasses too tightly around your neck or have them hang too loosely. Adjusting the cord to the proper length is a crucial factor that helps to ensure your comfort.
  • If youre wearing your eyeglass holder while youre active, youll want a strap that can hold up to the elements or the weather. Neoprene is a heavy-duty material that works well for outdoor use. Some accessories are even stain-resistant.
  • Water-resistant cords may float if they come off when youre in the water. This could mean that youre able to grab your glasses before they float away if youre wearing your eyeglass cord or sunglasses while youre boating or swimming.