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Hunt in Style and Comfort With First Lite Hunting Clothing and Accessories

First Lite is a hunting and outdoor wear company founded by sportsmen and hunters. Their focus on practicality has led to a whole line of hunting jackets, pants, shoes, and other accessories that prioritize the needs of hunters. Pull on First Lite camo, easily found at affordable prices on eBay, to avoid alerting prey or slip on their comfortable clothes to stay warm and avoid chafing during a long day in harsh weather.

What materials does First Lite use?

One of the things that makes the company stand out from other hunting gear providers is their interest in using natural materials. Many of their products are made from merino wool, a natural fabric that regulates body heat and wicks moisture away from the skin. They also frequently use Aerowool, a custom material that uses wool fibers and active carbon technology to keep the body at a comfortable and natural temperature. For an additional stretch, nylon is sometimes added to the wool or used as an outer layer. In designs that need waterproofing, the company frequently uses rubber and other water-resistant options.

Comparing the First Lite jacket designs

If you are thinking about getting a reasonably priced jacket from First Lite's hunting clothing collection, it's useful to know a little about the features that come with their styles.

  • Stormtight: This design is meant to be weather resistant, with adjustable cuffs, watertight zippers, and neck protection.
  • Phantom: The Phantom jacket is a super realistic First Lite camo design with textured, movable fabric strips to mimic leaves.
  • Corrugate: The Corrugate jacket is made from a lightweight, stretchable nylon material and two pockets on the front.
  • Sawtooth: The Sawtooth First Lite jacket has insulation in the chest for warmth and breathable panels in the lower back.
  • Chamberlin: The Chamberlin First Lite gear has a warm and cozy down filling.
When should you get used First Lite gear?

You may want to consider looking at used First Lite for sale if you are interested in any of these benefits for a reduced price.

  • Affordable hunting clothing: Get cheap First Lite hunting clothes by looking at preowned items.
  • Broken-in gear: Some hunters find that pre-worn boots and other accessories are a soft and comfortable option.
  • Rare patterns: First Lite camo patterns and colors like ASAT, Cipher, and Dry Earth frequently sell out quickly, but you can still find them by shopping for used items on eBay.
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