Tecnología para ejercitar

Fitness Technology

Innovative fitness technology helps you track your metrics and meet your goals. This wearable technology is available in many forms, ranging from activity trackers to simple pedometers. No matter what your fitness level, you won't have to search long to find devices that fit your lifestyle.

What types of fitness technology are available?
  • Activity trackers: Activity trackers are one of the more common types of wearable technology. These fitness trackers have sensors that monitor everything from heart rate to movement. For many people, they are indispensable exercise companions. They often monitor stats like perspiration levels, steps taken during the day, and sleep.
  • Running watches: Running watches are similar to fitness trackers, but while the former are designed for athletes of all kinds, running watches are specifically designed with runners in mind. They have high-quality GPS monitoring capabilities which means they keep track of laps and miles ran. They are often loaded with features like magnetic compasses, stride calibrators, barometric altimeters, and wrist-based heart rate monitors.
  • Heart rate monitors: Heart rate monitors range from the simple wristbands to complex trackers. At the most basic level, however, these monitors record resting and workout heart rates and then send the data to a compatible device.
  • Pedometers: There are many pedometer options available. Some people prefer wearable wristbands that track steps taken. Others prefer clip-on pedometers that record everything from steps ran to fat burned.
  • Fitness stopwatches: For interval training and laps, nothing can beat the convenience of high-tech fitness stopwatches. These handy stopwatches have a wide range of timing intervals, cumulative split functions, and more, which makes them convenient when practicing for sports.
What features do fitness trackers and other fitness gadgets have?
  • Long battery life: Depending on the device, batteries can last from 24 hours to six months.
  • Display: Many of these devices have high-tech displays that give you easy access to your data. Some activity-tracking gadgets and running watches have LCD and touch displays. No-frills options often have LED displays.
  • Waterproof: Some fitness technology is designed to measure laps swam as well as laps ran. These options are waterproof.
  • Smart technology: High-tech fitness monitoring models use smart technology to keep you connected. These fitness gadgets send information to smartphones, and they send text reminders. Some also have smart-coaching capabilities. These options offer you real-time guidance to augment and personalize your workouts.
  • Music: You can bring your exercise routine to the next level thanks to onboard music features. Some running watches and other fitness devices hold multiple GBs of songs.