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Isuzu Hombre Fuel Pumps

An important part of an Isuzu Hombres internal combustion engine is the fuel pump. While it is true that many older vehicles were functional without a pump, they are commonplace in contemporary models. Without an operational fuel pump, you will not be able to operate your vehicle.

How does the fuel pump on an Isuzu Hombre work?

Your vehicle operates on a mixture of fuel and air. The appropriate combination of fuel and air is fed into the engine of your Isuzu where a spark causes the fuel and oil to combust. This combustion process powers a series of pistons, the movement of which powers the rest of your vehicle. The fuel pump draws the fuel out of the fuel tank where it then mixes with the air in the carburetor. Without the fuel pump, the combustion process within your Isuzu Hombre wouldnt function.

What types of fuel pumps are available for an Hombre?
  • Mechanical fuel pumps - A mechanical pump is the oldest and most traditional form of fuel pump available for Isuzu pickup trucks. Once the only type of fuel pump available, mechanical pumps are rarely used in contemporary vehicles. Mechanical pumps use a type of flexible diaphragm, which can increase and decrease in size. The diaphragm will open to draw fuel from the fuel tank and then close to pump the fuel into the carburetor. While effective, mechanical pumps apply relatively low pressure, which hampers performance.
  • Electric fuel pumps - A common type, electric fuel pumps are typically located within the fuel tank itself. This type of pump applies pressure from the tank into the fuel line, which forces the fuel into the engine. Electric pumps are typically safer than mechanical pumps. This is because the pump is fully submerged in gasoline, which eliminates the presence of the air necessary to cause combustion. This makes fires far less common than with mechanical fuel pumps.
  • Turbopumps - A powerful kind of fuel pump, turbopumps are rarely used on automobiles. While these pumps are primarily used on jet engines, there are some cars that use the technology. Turbopumps use two separate components to pump fuel: a rotodynamic pump and a driving gas turbine. The pump and the turbine work together to create a high-pressure stream of fuel that can be fed into the carburetor.
How can you tell if the Hombres pump needs replacing?

Without a functioning fuel pump, your Isuzu Hombre wont start. This effect isnt always immediate, however. A fuel pump that is beginning to fail can lead to your vehicle sputtering and stalling before eventually reaching a point where the engine wont start at all. An easy way to determine if there is an issue with your fuel pump is to have a technician check the fuel pressure on your pickup.