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Fulltone Guitar Effects Pedals

Fulltone guitar pedals are designed to change the output sound of your guitar while playing. Many pedals will boost the sound of your guitar to increase the intensity of the music you are playing. Other features of this product line, such as overdrive, distortion, and fuzz, make the guitar sound dirtier, and this will be dependent on both the number of overtones of a sound and how loud that sound is.

What is Fulltone?

Fulltone is a music company that was founded by Michael Fuller in the year 1991. Michael Fuller is a guitarist, performer, and composer. In the \"Ultimate Guitarist Competition\" hosted by Guitar Player Magazine, Fuller won first place. The Fulltone company produces guitar effects pedals that allow guitarists to alter the sound produced by their instruments. The pedals of the instrument will add effects to the sound while at the same time boosting the signal. The distortion, overdrive, and echo pedals are tested to make sure that they have accurate production of the overdrive and distortion sound effects.

How do you determine what Fulltone OCD version you have?
  • In order to determine what Fulltone OCD version you have, carefully remove the holding screws of your Fulltone effect pedal and place them to the side.
  • Take the top off your Fulltone effect pedal and store it with your screws.
  • Look inside the pedal in order to locate the serial number.
  • Near the serial number of your pedal you will find the version number, such as V1 or V2.
  • After identifying the version number, screw your pedal shut without touching any of the electronics, so that the pedal will continue to work properly.
What is the Fulltone Plimsoul?

The Fulltone Plimsoul is a dual stage pedal that functions to reproduce the sound and style of a tube amp. This product offers both styles of soft blues as well as a hard distortion output. The touch sensitivity on the Plimsoul is showcased via a glowing LED light that indicates how much of your sound is currently distorted.

What is the Fulltone Mass Malo?

The Fulltone Mass Malo is a guitar effects pedal that distorts sound at a nonstop rate. It is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand with its high impedance input and low impedance output. This model of Fulltone pedal is compatible with a wide range of guitars, effects, and amps.