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Girls' Clothing (Sizes 4 and Up)

When choosing girls' outfits, it is important that they are the appropriate size and are easy for the girl to put on and take off. The choice of girls' clothes is based on taste; some will want cute lace and floral dresses while others prefer jeans and a T-shirt. Whether you need cute shorts, dresses, and pants for back-to-school shopping or a more formal dress and shoes for a special event, there are several points to consider prior to purchasing girls' outfits.

What clothes are appropriate for different seasons?

Dresses and pants can be worn year-round while skirts and shorts should be reserved for warmer days unless leggings are worn underneath. Layering clothing is helpful so that girls can add or shed items based on the temperature. A dress with short sleeves works for winter if a sweater is used on top. Shorts will do in the fall if paired with a long-sleeve shirt or leggings. Girls' dress fashions change frequently, so keeping an eye on fashion trends may be important to your daughter.

How are girls' clothes sized?

From ages four to six, girls' clothing sizes match their age. Because girls' apparel from different manufacturers are sized differently and girls vary in body proportions at different ages, selecting the proper-sized dress can be tricky. In addition, shirt and dress sizes may differ from the size needed for pants and skirts.

How do you choose outfits for girls?
  • Buy items the intended wearer can use now. Girls grow quickly, and buying ahead may mean the clothing will not fit when the next season arrives.
  • Choose durable clothes. Check the seams, hems, neckline, and cuffs for strong stitching.
  • Pick separates that can be mixed and matched for versatility.
  • Stick to contemporary or classic styles if your daughter cares about fashion.
  • Get the intended wearer involved. She is more likely to wear an outfit she had a hand in choosing.
  • Choose soft fabrics that will not irritate sensitive skin.
  • Keep the girl's favorite colors in mind, or choose a palette of colors that ensure that all the clothes will match.
  • Pick age-appropriate items.
What are other considerations?
  • Coats and jackets should be chosen in a slightly larger size to allow for layers of clothing underneath.
  • Sleepwear should be snug but comfortable. Check size charts for individual garments.
  • Consider undergarments that may be needed for some outfits, and purchase them at the same time.
  • Swimsuits with adjustable straps allow for more than one season of use.

Taking into account the season, sizes, and variety of options available as well as the personal taste of the intended wearer will help you decide which clothes to buy.