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Grandstream VoIP Business Phones and IP PBXs

VoIP provides convenient, powerful, and flexible phone systems for businesses. Having the right set of phones and PBXs can add features and space to your business' phone system. Grandstream phones offer both VOIP business phones as well as IP PBXs for businesses. They come in a variety of models and features.

What features does a Grandstream VoIP business phone have?

There are a number of features and options that you can get on your Grandstream VoIP device. Some features are related to customer-facing or outbound calls. Caller ID, call block, and voicemail are all available on the Grandstream VoIP business phone. You can use these tools for customer relationship management, outreach, support, and other tasks. After completing the calls, you can access call data from recordings for future use. For calls within the office, you can make conference calls via three-way and multi-way calls. Grandstream VoIP phone models are able to store information for caller records.

Advanced models have the ability to store this data in the cloud, allowing for unlimited storage. One of the most important features of a business is the ability to scale up when its needs change. That includes having the ability to add new tools and more capacity to accommodate hiring more staff, adding different roles, and growing into new lines of business. Grandstream VoIP is capable of making that process as simple as possible.

What do you use a Grandstream IP PBX for?

As businesses rely more on a diverse assortment of communication methods, it is becoming more important to have an intelligent and adaptable method for unifying business communication and managing the many different features, contact sets, and tasks for each one.

A digital Grandstream private branch exchange (PBX) acts as the central clearinghouse for each of these elements and unites them into a single network with common data sharing. Larger Grandstream models can handle more simultaneous communication, user data, logins, and settings.

Grandstream PBXs collect data and add encryption for sensitive consultations, to protect the contents and the participants of a conversation while providing information security.

What are IP PBX and VoIP?

IP is the abbreviation for the term internet protocol. PBX is a branch exchange that is kept private. This means that it is a telephone system located within a larger enterprise. Calls can be exchanged using voice over internet protocol while sharing external telecommunication lines.