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Gun Parts

Gun parts can be found for all major manufactured firearm companies, including Remington, Ruger, CVA, and others. Parts of guns and firearms can be used to replace or modify parts of another firearm. With the proper gunsmith techniques and compatible parts, a pistol or rifle can be built or repaired.

How many parts does an average firearm have?

How many and what type of parts a rifle or pistol has depends on the type of gun being discussed. However fundamentally different two categories are, there are a few commonalities amongst all items. Basic parts found in all firearms include:

  • Barrel
  • Handle/stock
  • Trigger
Whats included in a gun part kit?

Many items on a firearm weapon can be repaired or replaced. A gun part kit can help someone save a malfunctioning firearm and return it to working order. Gun part kits are also used to modify existing firearms.

Gun part kits can be used to create an entirely new gun as well. Most gun parts kits include a combination of new and used parts. When assembled, a new weapon can be created. In most gun kits, a person can expect to receive:

  • Barrel
  • Stock/handle
  • Internal workings
What can be replaced on a firearm?

Whether pistol accessories can be replaced depends on the brand and condition of the firearm. Its important to make any replacements based on compatibility and schematics. Failing to make the proper replacements, repairs, or modifications can make a rifle dangerous to use. Firearm accessories available can include many items including dummy ammo and blank devices.

Accessories that modify guns without replacing existing items, include butt plates, recoil pads, and spacers. These aftermarket additions help adapt a weapon to a shooters body. Young shooters or those with a petite frame use shooting accessories to decrease the effects to the body, specifically the shoulder region, after shooting a rifle.

Barrels, barrel ribs, chokes, extractors, firing pins, magazines, medallions, stocks, and triggering supplies from brands like Remington and CVA can also be used to replace items on a firearm or make it easier to use. Some other common gunsmithing accessories include:

  • Gunsmith chemicals
  • Bolt handle blanks
  • Pin and detent kits
  • Springs
  • Trigger guards
Are replacement gun parts manufacturer specific?

Whether upgrading the magazine of a semi-automatic pistol or adding a recoil pad to a .410, its important to consider compatibility. Some replacement items are specific to a particular manufacturer and caliber. Using the wrong model options may compromise the weapon and lead to unexpected results with the gun or magazine.