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Gund Stuffed Animals

Gund makes stuffed animals and plush toys in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. A specialty of this company, now owned by Enesco, is classic teddy bears. Some plush toys are further made in a way so that their parts cannot easily break off.

What toy collections are available from Gund?

Gund makes a wide variety of stuffed animals and characters. Plush baby animals include jumbo plush, animated plush, Snuffles bear, bears, cats, dogs, monkeys, other plush animals, dinosaurs, dragons, and unicorns. Characters include blind box mini plush characters: Boo, Curious George, DC Comics, Grumpy Cat, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Peter Rabbit, and Princess Mononoke. The characters also come in large-scale sizes.

What is the company's specialty?

The Gund brand specializes in varieties of plush teddy bears. It makes many different sizes of bears that come in various shades of brown, beige, gray, black, and other colors. Some bears have bows and plastic, three-dimensional eyes while others have features that are sewn onto the faces with thread. Teddy bears come in several styles as well. Some are realistic-looking while others are more cartoon-like. Sizes range from 10 inches in height to more than 34 inches in height for jumbo sizes.

What materials are used in making these stuffed animals?

The company crafts its stuffed animals using cotton, textiles, synthetic blends, nylon, faux fur, thread, ribbon, and three-dimensional accessories. Different plush animals utilize different specific materials. For instance, a dinosaur or dragon may feature a fabric with a sheen while a teddy bear may utilize faux fur.

Do these toys have loose parts that could break off?

The company makes a whole line of stuffed plush toys that do not have loose parts. The eyes and noses of these toys are embroidered onto the dolls' faces.

How do you clean one of these stuffed animals?

These stuffed animal toys are machine-washable or can be spot-cleaned, depending on their construction. Toys with embroidered items should be machine-washed on a gentle cycle with non-chlorine bleach and then air-dried. Those with three-dimensional features should be spot-cleaned rather than machine-washed so that pieces of the toy do not break off in the wash. A soft cloth should be dipped into warm water with or without gentle soap mixed in with it. Stains can then be wiped and dabbed until they are removed. You should always air-dry these stuffed animal toys.