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HEAD Downhill Skiing Equipment

HEAD is a well-known skiing brand that has been around since 1960. The aeronautical engineer Howard Head founded the company. HEAD was one of the first companies to depart from the traditional wooden ski after Howard Head pushed for metal and aluminum skis.

As a company, HEAD has remained on the cutting edge of skiing and snowboarding technology. Their innovative use of materials has kept them current, and even their vintage equipment is still usable today.

How Do I Size Myself for Skis?

  • Skis are measured in centimeters and millimeters, so adjust measurements accordingly.
  • The standard sizing for \"shaped\" skis is from the floor to the bottom of the chin.
  • The more of an advanced skier you are, the longer skis you can use.
  • An intermediate leisure skier should measure from the floor to the bottom of the chin or the top of the forehead.
  • An expert skier should look for skis that measure from the floor to the top of the forehead.
  • For child skiers, measure to the bottom of their chins. You could buy them skis if you want, but consider that children grow pretty rapidly. You might find yourself buying new skis for them every year.

HEAD Ski Models

All HEAD skis are built for any kind of ski boots. Even the bindings on the vintage skis are still good, although you might still want to check this. But if you're looking for good boots to ski in, the HEAD company offers their HEAD Raptor boot. You can add up to three rivets in the boot for 150-flex, which can give you more support for gliding.

HEAD Kore 105

  • Created for Big Mountain Skiing
  • Materials are very lightweight, which is helpful for storage and transportation
  • Engineered for even the most aggressive skiers.
  • Materials are the lightweight Karuba wood, Graphene, Koroyd, and carbon fiber
  • Named POWDER's ski of the year in 2018

HEAD Dynastar

  • Both vintage and up-to-date models available
  • Designed to be both for all mountain skiing and freeride skiing

HEAD Monster Series

  • All-terrain ski
  • Stiff, compared to other models
  • Built for top skiers and speed

Why Should I Buy Vintage Skis?

Most vintage skis are made of wood, which is still popular among some cross-country skiers. However, most reviewers recommend buying fiberglass shaped skis, as they are lighter and safer than many wooden skis. HEAD ski equipment was one of the first companies to get away from wooden skis, so you should be okay.

If you're unsure about using vintage skis on the slopes, they still make great wall decorations for your ski lodge or home.