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HP Backup and Recovery Software

A recovery disc for your computer is a smart tool to use for recovery efforts to restore your system. For these situations, HP Backup and Recovery Software recovery discs help retrieve stored data in Windows.

What is HP Recovery?

HP Recovery is a software that is preinstalled on HP PCs and laptops. This recovery partition software was developed to recover portions of the Windows PC operating system, which may become lost due to a virus attack or other major system challenges. There is no guarantee for complete recovery by using this tool; however, it is a helpful tactic to use to attempt recovery from a hard disk or for operating system failure. The recovery software is located on the \"D\" hard drive of your PC. This form of disc recovery media may work to restore the operating processes. The Recovery Manager works to help that your files and documents are retrieved with the recovery media from the point where a backup was made before the data loss.

What does HP Recovery Manager do?

As a secondary recovery support for a PC, HP Recovery Manager is used strictly for the system recovery process and not for file storage. If HP Recovery software on the computer is removed, recovery discs will have to be used to restore system programs and settings. Recovery points are created periodically and previous recovery points can be deleted if desired. HP offers technical support for Windows system recovery, but the recovery discs can reduce troubleshooting time.

How do you restore an HP computer to factory settings?

The restoration process for your HP PC requires a few simple steps. It is important to follow the recovery instructions included with the recovery disc. By using the HP recovery disc process, the basic operating system may come back; however, any additional programs installed after that will need to be reinstalled.

To start Recovery Manager, turn on or reboot your laptop or desktop computer with HP Recovery discs. Press F10 to access the BIOS Manager, then press F9 to reset the computer operating system back to the factory settings. Activate HP Recovery, and the software should be able to restore the system using the HP Recovery discs.

Recovery discs and Recovery Manager can restore your Windows computer operating system. Just insert the disc via the optical disc drive and click the computer recovery tab. Hard drives compatible with these type of recovery discs typically use a Windows OS such as:

  • Windows XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10
How do you remove files from your recovery drive?

When your HP D drive has run out of computer disk space, you can evaluate the number of recovery files within the computer drive and remove older ones. Click on the tools tab to open up the folder options and click on view hidden files. Double click the Recovery link and remove duplicated files on the D drive. You can also click the recovery partition to expand the amount of space on your HP hard drive. When followed correctly, these HR Recovery discs steps should help you recover your computer operating system within a few minutes after you install and the recovery discs.

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