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LCD Screens for Cell Phones and Smartphones

HTC is a Taiwanese brand that produces consumer electronics. This company is known for its smartphones, and it produces many different smartphone models. Find an LCD screen that works with your phone by poring over the options in this collection.

What is an LCD screen?

An LCD display is the part of a smartphone that displays an image. These components are backlit by LED lights, and they feature a dense array of pixels. Many of these screens are capable of rendering 720p or 1080p resolution.

These screens are connected to digitizers. Digitizers are sheets of glass that record contact between your fingers and the screen of a smartphone. These devices then send information regarding this contact to the phones processor, which translates your touch into actions on the phone.

LED screens for smartphones made by this brand can be replaced if necessary, and replacement screens often include digitizers and home buttons. Special tools are required to replace one of these screens.

What tools are required to replace an LCD screen?

You will need the following tools to replace the screen of a smartphone made by this brand:

  • Plastic stylus: This tool is inserted between the screen and the body of the smartphone. It is made from hard plastic, and it ends in a wide, flat tip. The other end is designed to be held by the fingers, and it is rounded. These tools come in a variety of different colors.
  • Corner picks: These tools are used to hold the corners of the screen separate from the body of the smartphone. They are shaped like guitar picks, and they are inserted at various intervals around the phone screen.
  • Suction cup: This tool is used to pull the screen away from the smartphone. It is made of clear plastic, and it has a metal ring on the end that is designed to be gripped by the fingers.
  • Mini nut driver: These tools are used to remove any small screws that may be found within the body of the phone. They have heads that are designed to be compatible with the screws found in smartphones made by this brand.
How do you remove the LCD screen on a smartphone?

Follow these steps to remove the screen on your smartphone:

  • Insert the stylus in the crack between the screen and the body of the smartphone.
  • Move the stylus around the edge of the screen. Once you reach a corner, insert a corner pick to make sure that the screen doesnt snap back.
  • Once you have picks in all four corners, use your fingers to pry the screen out of the smartphone.
  • Disconnect the power cord that runs to the screen.
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