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Harley-Davidson is a brand that has brought motorcycles to consumers for over a century. Harley-Davidson as a manufacturer of motorcycles was founded in 1903, and though they have not been making clothing for nearly as long, you can wear their jackets even when not riding. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Harley-Davidson leather biker jacket.

What are the features of Harley-Davidson leather jackets?

Leather is a durable fabric that is one of the most common choices for motorcycle jackets. If properly cared for, black Harley-Davidson jackets made with this material will last for many years.

Leather has a resistance to abrasion, which comes in handy when you need protection while riding or in an accident. Their black leather jackets with pockets also provide the benefits of extra storage for items, such as a wallet and cellphone.

How do you find the right fit for leather jackets?

Finding the right fit is essential to ensure your Harley-Davidson leather jacket provides the benefits it is designed for. The jacket should have enough room to be comfortable, but you don’t want it to be baggy, which can be a safety hazard. Another thing to consider is that while a leather jacket may seem to fit you perfectly while you are standing, it could fit too snugly while in a seated or riding position. Keep in mind that a leather jacket that is well-fitting will slide instead of bunching up during a motorcycle accident.

How do you clean Harley-Davidson leather jackets?

Harley-Davidson jackets are usually low-maintenance but do require cleaning and proper care to keep them looking like new for an extended period of time. The following tips will help ensure you take the right preventive care for the leather jacket:

  • Remove the salt: Whether it is the salt naturally found in sweat or salt from the environment, this damaging mineral can cause the Harley-Davidson jacket to become brittle, stiff, and smelly. A de-salter designed for use on leather will preserve the flexibility and appearance of your jacket, including the solid black color.
  • Shampoo the leather: Your black leather jacket can become caked with dirt and grime, especially if you wear it regularly on the road or anywhere outdoors. Cleaning it with a leather shampoo will safely remove the debris from the exterior of the jacket.
  • Conditioning is a highly important maintenance step in proper leather jacket care, well worth the effort. A leather jacket conditioner helps to keep your leather jacket supple and pliable, and prolongs the jacket’s life while protecting black leather’s natural qualities. A good general rule of thumb is to condition the leather jacket once every two to three months.

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