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Own a Rare Gem: Harry Winston Luxury Watches

Harry Winston's wristwatches are noted for their unique styles, the chemistry of the gems, and the distinctive colors. This collection of timepieces is also unique in the sense that it's inspired by a gemologist's vision for the rarest diamonds on earth. If you're looking for legendary wristwatches, eBay can help you buy new and used Harry Winston Wristwatches for sale at a reasonable price.

Features of Harry Winston watches

The unique Harry Winston watch is distinguished by a few features and themes, such as the trademark "Three Arches" design, which appears on most of its Premier and Avenue collections. The emblem also personifies the rich heritage of the Harry Winston brand. Similarly, the Ultimate Emerald Signature and Emerald Timepiece Collection integrate the finest emerald-shaped diamonds in the world. The shade of blue on these fine timepieces highlights the color of the Hope Diamond. In addition, these watches use zalium for their construction, which is a rare alloy known for its durability and strength. You will also find a tourbillon mechanism that provides the finest and most complex motion of any watch in the world.

What are some of the exceptional timepieces?

Even though Harry Winston wristwatches are classic timepieces, here are few of the legendary models:

  • Premier Collection: This is the original design produced in 1989. There are 50 models, and each model represents the pioneering ethos of its designer.
  • Ocean Collection: This is the sporty version of Harry Winston that integrates complex and intricate mechanisms. To distinguish these watches from competitors, the creator has used luxurious gold - a combination of gold and zalium.
  • Midnight Collection: Available in either white or rose gold, each of the timepieces represents the simplicity of design in its purest form. These models will appeal both to men and women.
  • High Jewelry Timepieces: The collection includes pendants, brooches, pocket watches, and clutch bags. The finest stones and jewels are used in these Harry Winston wristwatches diamond products.
Unique models

Two of the most iconic models of the Harry Winston collection are Histoire de Tourbillon and Opus Series. The Histoire de Tourbillon features a unique combination of tourbillon not found on any other watch in the world. The nine designs offer an inclined and multiple axis of rotation. Linking multiple tourbillon carriages, viewers are treated to a visually unique set of mechanisms. Similarly, the new Opus Series is also extremely unique because of the movements previously unseen in the watchmaking industry. The unique design is a mix of a rock and roll, Route 66, and a jukebox of countless miniature functions integrated into a single dial.

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