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Hifonics Car Audio Amplifiers

Hifonics offers amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and processors. Some of their amplifiers are designed with Super A/B class technology or super-D class technology.

What is an amplifier?

An amplifier simply takes an existing signal the car stereo puts out and adds in another energy source to enhance it. This change makes the characteristic more powerful. The more energy it produces, the clearer the tone.

Audio amplifiers produce better sound quality at all volume levels because the devices provide a clean energy source. They also produce better sound quality for upgraded speakers that may require more energy. Amps can also provide more power to a subwoofer that requires significantly more energy than other receivers.

What types of car amplifiers are there?

Amplifiers for cars can vary greatly. They can range in intensity from around 20 watts per channel to more than 1,000 watts. They can have as few as one output channel or as many as eight. The common types are two- and four-channel models. Many subwoofer amps can be mono-channel, however. They may have additional features like equalizers, speaker level inputs, signal processing, and active crossovers.

There are three main classes of amplifiers based on the output channels, which are described here:

  • Class A: This class puts out small power outputs.
  • Class A/B: This class is a common type found in the car audio market. They don't require as much wattage as Class A amps.
  • Class D: This class typically involves high-powered products that can reach efficiencies of more than 80%. These are generally found in subwoofer models.
What types of amplifiers does Hifonics make?

Hifonics is a car audio equipment manufacturing company that specializes in making speakers, subwoofers, processors, and amplifiers. Hifonics amps use technology with their amplifiers. Hifonics amplifiers can be classified into these five major categories:

  • Zeus: The Zeus line features monoblock models as well as two- and four-channel car products. The Zeus produces wattage between 500 and 3,200 and includes both A/B and D class models. Zeus car amplifiers can be used in most vehicles.
  • Gemini Elite: This line has products with wattage ranging from 700 to 3,500. It includes monoblock and multi-channel amps.
  • Super Amps: These products have power ranging up to 3,400 watts for their dual monoblock products.
  • Brutus Elite Anniversary: This line features a remake of the company's classic amp, the Brutus. Their capacity ranges from 500 watts to 5,000. There are units with multi-channel options ranging from one to five.
  • Brutus BRX: Power ranges up to 4,000 watts in the Brutus line. This line carries a variety of multi-channel models that have a variety of features.
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