Horse Harnesses

Horse Harnesses

Harnesses for horses are made by a wide range of different brands. There are also a variety of types of equestrian harnesses available. Check out this collection to find a horse harness that fits your needs.

What is a horse harness?

A horse harness is a type of device that connects a horse to a vehicle or another type of load. Horses are frequently used to pull heavy loads, and these devices go around the horses body on one end and attach firmly to the load on the other end. These devices are usually made of leather, and they have metal rings and buckles that are usually made of stainless steel.

What types of horse harnesses are offered?

These devices are used for a variety of different applications. Some of the types of horse harnesses are described here:

  • Driving harness: These devices are used to connect a horse to a small cart. These carts are often used to carry goods or equipment from one place to another. These devices consist of leather straps that connect to a horse, and these straps extend from the animal to the cart.
  • Racing harness: These devices are used to pull racing carts. These harnesses are designed with aerodynamics in mind, and they dont have to be too heavy-duty since racing carts are light.
  • Carriage harness: These types of harnesses are used to pull heavy carriages. As such, these devices consist of thick, heavy leather. They may also have additional straps compared to other harnesses.
  • Pony harness: These harnesses are designed to connect to ponies. As such, they are smaller than harnesses used to connect to larger equestrian animals.
What are the parts of a horse harness?

Harnesses of this type are composed of a variety of different parts. Some of the parts used in these harnesses include the following:

  • Saddle: This part rides over the midsection of the animal. It is not meant for riding, and it bundles the reins instead. Saddles may have small pouches on the side for feed and other equipment.
  • Reins: The reins run from the bridle to the cart. Each rein is connected to one side of the animals face, and when a rein is pulled, the animal is incentivized to turn in that direction.
  • Bridle: The bridle is the part of a harness that goes over the animals face. This part is sometimes equipped with blinders.
  • Collar: The collar goes around a horses neck. It helps the harness stay on the animal, and this part is usually made of heavy-duty leather. This is the part of the harness that connects to the cart.
  • Breeching: The breeching goes around the rear end of the animal. It is used to brake or stabilize the load when the cart and the animal start going downhill.