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Replacing Cell Phone LCD Screens with Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese international corporation. This company makes a wide variety of different types of electronic equipment, including smartphones. To find an LCD screen that will replace the unit currently installed in your phone, search through this expansive collection.

What is a smartphone LCD screen?

LCD means \"liquid crystal display.\" These types of displays are standard to many different types of electronics, and most smartphones use this type of technology. Smartphone LCD screens are backlit by LED lighting, and they are usually capable of rendering high-resolution images. Many units made by this brand can display 1080p or 720p imagery.

LCD screens are connected to digitizers, which are electrically-charged glass plates. These plates record when your finger touches the smartphone, and they relay this touch to the phones processor. The processor then uses this data to perform a task.

If you damage the LCD screen on your phone, it can be replaced. You will need a number of tools to complete this task, and it is important that you work in a sanitary environment and are familiar with all the steps required.

What tools do you need to replace a Huawei smartphone screen?

A variety of tools are used to replace these smartphone components:

  • Suction cups: These components are used to lift the smartphone screen away from the body of the phone. They are equipped with a metal ring that is held by the fingers, and they are made from clear material.
  • Plastic styli: These tools are inserted between the body of the phone and the screen. They are used to break the adhesive seal that keeps the LCD device in place.
  • Plastic picks: These tools look like guitar picks, and they are made in many colors. They are inserted at each corner of the device as you perform this task.
  • Miniature screwdrivers: These tools are used to remove any screws that may be found within the body of the phone. They are equipped with specialized tips that are compatible with the types of screws that are used in smartphones.
How do you remove a smartphone screen?

When it comes time to remove the screen in your Huawei smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Push the tip of the stylus between the display and the smartphone body. Work the stylus down the edge of the screen.
  • When you reach a corner, insert a corner pick. Insert these picks at each corner.
  • Once youve placed a pick at each corner, lift the screen out of the smartphone. It may require some force to finish disengaging the adhesive.
  • Find and disconnect the power cord that runs from the screen to the battery of the smartphone. Clean the inside of the phone thoroughly before installing a replacement display.
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