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Snakeproof Hunting Boots

When you're traveling through unknown terrain chasing bucks or waiting for ducks to pop up about the brush, you need to have the right footwear to keep you dry and safe. Snakeproof hunting boots come in every size and will help protect you from dangerous snake bites. Since this type of boot is often worn by hunters, manufacturers have created it in camouflage patterns and neutral tans, greens, and browns.

What are snake hunting boots used for?

Hunting boots designed to help you stay free of snake bites are typically just called snake boots. A snake boot protects the wearer from potential snake bites. Often worn by hunters who are traveling in areas where snakes are common, this footwear helps prevent the skin from being penetrated, which keeps venom out of the body. An added benefit is that most snake boots are waterproof if the hunting conditions are rainy or you need to wade through water.

Prime hunting season is often also prime snake season, so wearing snake protection is essential. Wearing snake boots increases your protection from dangerous and venomous bites. Boots made specifically to prevent these types of bites usually protect against North American snakes, rattle snakes, and coral snakes.

What type of outsole comes on snake boots?

Since most people wear snake boots while hunting, it is important to choose a boot option made out of tough materials like leather, and you'll want to seek a pair that provides extra toe protection. In general, you will want a leather snake boot with a low-lugged yet rugged outsole. The outsole needs lugs to help you grip the terrain under your feet, preventing accidental slips and falls on rocky or muddy terrain. A rugged sole is needed to help you stay on your feet no matter when or how the ground underneath you changes.

Are women's snakeproof boots available?

Snake boots, just like most outdoorsmen boots, are available in a variety of sizes. Hunters can choose from men's sizes and women's sizes. Tan-colored, knee-high boots with a Velcro closure and bull hide leather hunting boots with adjustable ankle straps are some of the options available for women. Some outdoor boot options are even available in children's sizes if younger hunters are joining the party. Children's snake boots are constructed like larger boots with protective leather and extra layers to shield the toes from snake bites.