Fundas de Pistola de caza para Makarov

Holsters for Makarov Guns

Holsters for your Russian Makarov pistol come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs like leather, steel, and Kydex. This variety gives you several options if you need to carry your Makarov gun with you in both private and public environments. Holsters for pistols from Makarov are typically made of leather, but you can get them in synthetic materials as well.

What types of holsters for a Makarov are available?

Makarov, a Russian company, makes a variety of storage options for its pistols. This is to accommodate a wide range of needs and styles. While all holsters for a Makarov pistol perform the same basic function, some may look different while others have additional features.

  • An OWB, or over-the-waistband carry holster, is also referred to as a belt holster. OWBs attach to your belt, and the handgun rests inside, visible on the outside of your attire unless the firearm is concealed by a jacket
  • IWB holster, or inside-the-waistband Makarov holsters, hangs in the interior of your clothing. The IWB belt holster conceals itself and the pistol from view while leaving the grip exposed for easy access if you need to point and fire.
  • Shoulder Makarov holsters allow your gun to hang under your left or right arm and are usually covered by a jacket or sports coat.
  • Pocket holsters are designed to fit inside the existing pockets of your clothing with the stock of the pistol within easy reach.
  • Ankle holsters wrap around your ankle and are covered by pants or long trousers. These usually house secondary Makarov firearms but can be used as the primary as well.
What are some common materials for Makarov holsters?

Options for pistols from Makarov are available in a wide range of types. Now you can familiarize yourself with some of the materials and styles that you can order.

  • You can order original Soviet Russian leather holster pouches with full coverings for shoulder or belt carry. You can usually store ammunition inside them.
  • Pancake sheaths made of leather or synthetic materials are available, and you can use these to hold the pistol in place while the stock and barrel remain partially exposed inside the holder.
  • Some specialized concealment Makarov holsters are made specifically for right-hand or left-hand positions.
  • Other Makarov pistol holders are modified for horizontal or vertical pistol position options and come with ammo pouches.
  • Nearly all of these options are available in leather, steel, or synthetic materials, such as Kydex.
What accessories come with a pistol holder?

Some pistol and gun storage options from Makarov include things like extra ammo magazine compartments to provide you with versatility.

  • Belt loop adapters, sometimes made of steel plates, can change the riding position of your pistol, inverting the stock, barrel, or point of the handgun if necessary.
  • Extra straps, such as for an ankle or shoulder rig, can increase the overall stability of your pistol or firearm.
  • Many pistol rigs are equipped with extra pouches for storing ammunition magazines for your gun.
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