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Hunting Scopes, Optics, and Lasers

Scopes with lasers provide you with a number of mounting options, some even pairing with a flashlight for a greater tactical advantage. They often come with red dot and green laser sights. Rifle scopes, such as those from Nikon and Leupold, can utilize regular magnification or a combination of magnification and tactical laser light.

How are laser optics different from other scopes?

Lasers are different from other versions of a rifle scope in that they use light in order to create the conditions for proper targeting. Rather than light, other scopes use magnification to zero in on the area, though some of these scopes use specially enhanced light systems in tandem with their magnification properties.

What are the benefits of scope optics?

Scope or laser optics are your two primary choices when it comes to deciding what kind of sights you want to mount on your gun. They are both useful in their own ways and in various situations. For hunting, you may find a riflescope to be advantageous. Knowing how rifle scopes can benefit your hunting experience is key to choosing the right one for your needs.

  • Riflescopes, like those from Vortex and Leupold, offer superior accuracy at long range, thanks to magnification. A rifle scope that magnifies your area by even a few degrees can be highly beneficial to your hunting experience.
  • Since hunting involves taking down an animal without getting too close to it or frightening it, a rifle scope, such as those made by Nikon, is an ideal piece of equipment for this.
What are the benefits of laser optics?

These sights use powered light to create a standalone reticle that appears on the surface, typically with great speed. Although they usually take the form of a red laser, some, like the Viridian green laser sight, produce other colors. They are not designed for magnification but provide you with several other benefits instead.

  • They excel at rapid target acquisition, which is an essential feature of any self-defense scenario or if you need to hunt for wild animals that may have invaded your home.
  • Because they operate as standalone devices once they are mounted, laser lights allow you to fire your weapon from a variety of non-standard positions. If you ever find yourself in an awkward pose or location but still need to fire accurately, a laser sight will greatly help with this.
  • Laser sights are an excellent choice if you need a scope system for medium or close range shooting as your eyes will not need to adjust to any magnification.
  • Since laser sights create their own light for tracking, you can use them effectively even in pitch black environments. A specialized cap switch can keep the device switched on indefinitely when you need the light and don't want to worry about it shutting off.