Ingersoll Rand Industrial Air Tool Kits and Sets

Having a sturdy set of industrial air tools in your shop makes repairs and rebuilds easier to handle. Ingersoll Rand has been making professional tool kits and sets for more than 100 years. When you're looking for reliable ways to hammer, punch, and drill, Ingersoll Rand has the industrial tools that can support you in a variety of tasks.

What kind of tool kits does Ingersoll Rand make?

Whether you run an automotive shop or you're an HVAC contractor, Ingersoll Rand is a company you can't ignore. They are known for making air-powered tools that are ergonomic and designed to minimize fatigue during use. To maximize a user's productivity, Ingersoll Rand combines tools into sets and kits.

For example, the Ingersoll Rand Barrel Air Hammer Kit includes the air hammer, a quick change retainer, a five-piece chisel set, and a carrying case. This set is useful when you're working on exhaust and front-end jobs. It can help you handle bolt cutting, pin driving, and body shearing tasks.

Many of the tools Ingersoll Rand makes have been refined over decades, so they remain lightweight and perform efficiently. Here are some other tool sets this company makes:

  • Air Hammer with Quick Change and Chisel Set
  • 20v Drill/Driver and 20v High-Torque Impactool Combo Kit
  • Impact and Ratchet Kit
  • Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit
How do you take care of Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools?

Oiling is the preventative maintenance practice many professionals use on their pneumatic tools. Ingersoll Rand suggests proper maintenance will keep their tools in good condition and running longer. Always check your owner's manual for recommendations regarding the oiling and greasing of your air tools. Specifications can vary between air tools used for automotive, industrial, and construction purposes.

Maintaining the compressor so that it meets proper PSI for your tool can make your tool last longer and work more efficiently. Leaks, line length, and the regeneration point you set on the air compressor can affect the PSI. The wrong PSI can ultimately affect your tool's performance and condition.

What are some features of Ingersoll Rand air tools?

Professionals and hobbyists alike are sure to appreciate the helpful features Ingersoll Rand includes on their air products. You'll find power tools with pressure-feed lubrication systems, adjustable air power regulators, and enhanced ergonomic handles and grips. Their tools are lightweight and small in size with tough, heavy-duty housing. A handheld air device made by Ingersoll Rand is made to support work conducted under extreme conditions. You can depend on their air operated power tools to rivet, cut, hammer, grind, and sand metal surfaces.