What Does a Dance Mat Offer?

Games like Dance Dance Revolution from Konami have been taking the world by storm. You can be a part of it all with an Intec dance mat. You can order a mat to link up to DDR or other dance-related games.

What Is the Intec Mat Made Of?

Your Intec mat will consist of a soft pad. The surface is often made with foam alongside a plastic covering. A series of wires and sensors on the inside will analyze your movements on the mat. When you tap on a part of the foam pad, the console will recognize that you are moving your body in a certain direction.

The surface should be pressure sensitive. This means that the pad will identify when you are applying your weight onto certain parts of the pad, thus allowing the accessory to respond to your physical movements.

You should have the ability to configure your pad before you start using it. Most games will let you review the sensitivity readings on your pad so you can ensure it is working or if you need to place it on a different floor surface.

How Is a Dance Mat Designed?

Your dance mat will be made with all the necessary parts needed for you to play dancing games with:

  • Arrow spots. The arrow spaces mark where you need to step to complete the dance moves in your game. These should be placed at an equal distance from one another to simulate the real arcade experience.
  • Buttons. Whether they entail the shape buttons on the Sony PlayStation or the A and B buttons on the Nintendo Wii, your mat must have buttons on the corners to let you control where you are on the game menu. The button features let you use the mat all the way through instead of having to get a different remote or controller up to your game.
  • Start and select buttons. The top part of your mat should have the start and select buttons that are consistent among all major consoles.

Are Wires Needed?

You can find a wireless dance mat for many consoles. A wireless mat will need to have a clear link between the surface and the console so the pad can work. This means you must keep the mat close to the console while the receiver can be identified by the console. A wireless pad can be found the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and many other consoles.

Compatibility Points

Your dance mat must be compatible with multiple dance-based video games. These include not only the Dance Dance Revolution series of games but also games like the In the Groove and Pump It Up series.