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Choosing the Right Car Speakers

When commuting or driving about during the day, having music to listen to can make the trip more enjoyable. To get the most from your car stereo and enjoy listening to your favorite songs or the radio, it helps to have the right car audio system and amplifiers. JL Audio speakers are designed for sound quality and come in different configurations to customize your car audio setup.

What Are the Categories of Speaker Systems?

When it comes to speaker system configurations, there are two basic categories that they fall under. The categories have their own strengths and uses, which are:

  • Component Speaker System: In this arrangement, each component from the tweeter to the subwoofer work independently and each have a dedicated speaker. By remaining separate, this approach offers more customization and as a result, better sound quality. 
  • Full Range System: Also known as coaxial speakers, these speaker setups combines the different drivers into a single unit. By combining the individual drivers within a single speaker enclosure, these systems handle the full range of frequencies and offer easier installation.

What Types of Car Speaker Drivers Are There?

To customize your own car stereo audio system, loudspeakers can feature different drivers, which generate a different audio frequency. Together they create the audio youre listening to which can be boosted by amplifiers and include:

  • Woofer Drivers: This driver is used to generate the low frequency sounds in your audio. Subwoofers are a type of woofer especially dedicated to bass, the lowest frequency sounds.
  • Tweeter Drivers: Smaller drivers, tweeters are meant for the high-range frequencies.
  • Mid-range Drivers: To cover the middle of the audio ranges, speaker systems also have mid-range drivers.

What Do You Need to Know About Speaker Installation?

Switching from your cars original stereo speakers to new JL Audio car speakers means properly installing the new system. Factors to be mindful of when doing this include:

  • A Proper Fit: Cars only have certain space available for audio components, car subwoofers, and the car amplifiers. In order to properly fit car speakers into the available spots, spacers and adaptor rings are needed for a secure fit.
  • Audio Crossovers: Car speakers need a crossover in order to split audio across each of the drivers, from the subwoofer to the tweeter. For component speaker setups, you will likely need to add crossovers to properly split the frequencies across each speaker.

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