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Jensen Bluetooth Portable Stereos & Boomboxes

Take Your Tunes with You with a Portable Stereo

When it comes to listening to music on the go, digital devices like phones and tablets are making it easier than ever. Devices like these allow you to connect to speakers or other audio devices using Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can have quality sound anywhere. If you are considering portable speakers or a boombox, then weigh your options carefully to make sure that you meet your needs.

What About a Portable Jensen Stereo?

Switching to portable from a full-sized boombox or stereo gives listeners a level of freedom they didnt have before, and a brand like Jensen offers you options that do not sacrifice sound quality for size. They allow you to listen to your music anywhere, and they come in a wide range of manageable shapes and sizes.

  • You can have quality sound anywhere - If you are someone who works in different places regularly, then portable music can be a huge plus. Choosing a radio or a Bluetooth stereo will let you play your favorite songs and artists on the job, no matter where you are.
  • You wont have to worry about headphones anymore - Headphones at work can be painful, and even dangerous if you are a laborer. Go with a portable Bluetooth stereo to listen to music wherever you are.
  • You can catch up on your favorite radio shows - Most portable stereos and speakers come complete with radio connectivity, meaning that you wont have to worry about missing your favorite radio show or about missing your team play.

What Should I Look for in a Portable Boombox?

With so many options, finding a boombox or other audio device can be difficult. Consider the following as you search:

  • Will you be in the elements? If so, make sure that you pick a tough, waterproof device. Waterproof speakers and other audio devices can work in almost any conditions without having to worry about damage, a great option if you want to take your music to the beach or camping.
  • How much sound do you need? If you work in a noisy workplace, you will probably need good sound. Pay attention to the number of watts specified and to the type of sound input to the device. The more watts a device has, the louder the sound (in general).
  • What other features do you need? Make sure that the device has the right audio inputs for your needs. Do you need a headphone jack, Bluetooth connectivity, or both?

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