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K2 Inline Skates

Inline skates provide both great fitness benefits and fun. From recreational to marathon and from freestyle to hockey, K2 offers many versions of inline skates so that there is something for every skill level. Consider your skills and interests, then choose the K2 skates that suit you.

What types of K2 skates are there?
  • K2 provides recreational inline skates with high cuffs for support and smaller 72-millimeter to 80-millimeter wheels for better control. Because larger wheels are faster, they are generally suitable for more experienced skaters, while smaller wheels are generally recommended for beginning skaters.
  • K2's recreational or urban inline skates offer maneuverability and 80-millimeter to 84-millimeter wheels for speed. Urban skates have a shorter frame, so they are more maneuverable in crowded areas. However, just changing to larger wheels on your recreational skates can help give you more speed. The style and wheel size you choose will depend on whether you're using your skates for freestyle, slalom, hockey, marathon inline skating, or even cross-training for other sports.
  • The company's performance inline skates with 90-millimeter to 100-millimeter wheels are designed for fitness training, skating for long periods, or long distance skating. If you can handle any type of inline skates, including K2 aggressive or speed skates, then consider the 90-millimeter to 110-millimeter wheels.
Are K2 rollerblade wheels interchangeable with most other wheels?

Yes, but you should select the same wheel size and type that are on your inline skates or check the frame to see what is the maximum diameter wheel you can use with the frame on your K2 skates. Then, when you change the wheel, be sure to put the spacer back in the wheel between the bearings.

Are the bearings interchangeable?

Yes, most inline skates use standard 608 size bearings. Hockey skates and some older K2 inline use smaller micro 688s. You can switch to the standard size if they will fit your wheels. However, you will also need new spacers. The spacers should match the size of the bearing and the diameter of the axle.

How do you install brake set on K2 inline skates?

Make sure that you inspect the brakes of your inlines skates regularly for wear, and if at any time you have trouble stopping, then replace them. K2 makes replacement easy. K2 has one kit for all inline skates made since 1998. The kit has a urethane pad, a screw, and an Allen wrench. You simply remove the old one and attach the new K2 brake.