How to Choose the Right Folio Cases for Your Device

When you get any technological device, one of the first things you should do is fit it with some sort of case or screen protector. Whether it's a phone or tablet case, using a protective cover will decrease the chance of your device having damage from accidents or environmental contaminants. Folio cases are usually leather or rubber and are identifiable by their functional aesthetic and lightweight design. Depending on the type of device you are using, the folio case may have additional features, such as stands or flip-over tab covers.  

What Devices Can I Use a Folio Case With?

As the number of available technology devices increases, the range of folio cases and covers has continued to grow accordingly. The most common types of folio cases go with tablets, laptops, and eBook readers. For each of these devices, there are both universal and model-specific cases. Folio cases usually add between 1-inch and 2-inches of width to the device they match with. 

  • Tablet: The vast majority of tablet cases are from soft PU leather and can be either plain or customized with patterns and artistic designs. Folio cases for tablets often have fold-out stands at the tab base, giving the user the ability to watch video content or use the tablet on a flat surface. Tablet cases also have a number of tabs on the leather case, allowing you to store documents and stationery with your tablet. If you have a briefcase or laptop sleeve, tablet cases are slim and easy to squeeze into full bags.  
  • Laptop: Folio cases for laptops can minimize any shock damage on the back of the laptop's monitor panel. Because of the prominent position of the case, the visual design of a Lenovo laptop folio case is sleek and minimalistic. Moreover, unlike universal laptop cases, Lenovo laptop folio cases use premium full-grain leather instead of PU leather. 
  • eBook Reader: The cases and protective covers for eBook readers are built to withstand substantial use. Because eBook readers see regular use at home and on the go, the folio cases must provide protection against water, dust, and shock. 

How Much Protection Does a Folio Case Give? 

The level of protection that your folio case provides for your device will depend both on your level of use, and the build-quality of the case. The most effective folio cases are form-fitting and durable sleeves that can safely stop dust and water from reaching the internal components in your device. 

  • Dust: Premium folio cases will have a certification on the international protection (IP) marking scale to show how much protection the case provides to dust intake and particulate matter. This universal rating system is for both electronic devices and protective covers. 
  • Water: Protection against liquid immersion and spray is also certified through the folio case IP scale (the second digit on the folio case IP code refers to liquid resistance). 
  • Shock: You determine the level of protection against impact and drops by the material and design of a folio case. Folio cases for tablets, mobile phones, eBook readers use extruded corners to distribute force in the event of impact with a hard surface. Shockproof folio cases use composites of leather and tri-fold plastic.