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Kiss Nail Care, Manicure, and Pedicure

Kiss Nail Care Kits offer an option for your beauty regimen as they have everything you will need to file, polish, and create your way to the nails and tips you want in the comfort of home. Kiss offers a complete line of nail care products including Kiss Manicure Kits, Pedicure Kits, Brush-on Gel and Acrylic Sculpturing Kits, full-coverage artificial nails and tips, stickers, accessories, and more.

What is included in a Kiss Brush-On Gel set?

Each Kiss Brush-On Gel kit for nails contains the following components you’ll need to do your own gel nails at home:

  • Kit contains enough for two complete applications
  • Brush-on gel activator
  • Brush cleaner
  • Mini manicure file
How are Kiss Nail Tips applied?

Kiss Nail Tips are applied using the glue included in the kit. Kiss Glue, Maximum Speed Glue, and Tips are also sold separately.

Tips can be expected to last up to seven days. Reapplication may be necessary and is easy using the glue that comes with each kit.

How do you apply Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers?

Dresses are applied just like an actual sticker. They are peel and stick. You can cover the entire nail or just the tip or base by trimming the sticker as necessary.

Is a clear top coat required with dresses or stickers?

No, a top coat is not required when using dress or sticker products, but it is an option if you’d like the added protection.

What are the different lengths of Kiss artificial nails?

Kiss artificial nails come in an assortment of lengths, which include the following:

  • Long oval/square
  • Medium oval/square
  • Curve overlap
  • Long Stiletto
  • Active oval/square
  • Real short
  • French overlap
  • Ballerina Coffin
What products are included in the Pedicure Kit?

The Kiss Pedicure set includes the following items:

  • Brush
  • Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Emery boards
  • 4-way buffer
  • Double-sided nail file
  • Cuticle sticks
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Travel pouch
What is the drying time of Kiss Maximum Speed Glue?

Kiss Maximum Speed Glue dries in a matter of seconds.

The Kiss UV light is not required in order to have successful drying after using the Kiss Acrylic Sculpting Kit. They will dry successfully on their own.

The LED Gel Lamp is ideal for curing each step of at-home gel manicures within 30 to 60 seconds. The Gel Lamp may also be used to dry polish on your fingers and toes. It can also be used to set dresses and stickers.

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