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Kyocera Cellular Devices for the Virgin Mobile Network

Virgin Mobile is one of leading providers of pre-paid cell phone service. With a Kyocera smartphone or cell phone, you can take advantage of many of the programs Virgin offers.

What are some features of these phones?

Devices that are compatible with this network offer a wide range of features. Here are just a few of the types of mobile phones you can use on the Virgin Mobile network:

  • Smartphones: Smartphones run on the Android platform and provide app downloads from the Google Play store. They will generally have front and rear-facing cameras and touchscreen functionality.
  • Slider Phones: Slider devices offer a digital screen and regular numerical dial pad, but slide open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Flip Phones: Flip phones offer a smaller profile, but flip open to reveal a full digital screen and keypad.
  • Cell phones: If you prefer the basic simplicity of a good old-fashioned device, there are a wide variety of basic cellular devices to choose from.
  • Blackberry-Style devices: If you just love having a full QWERTY keyboard without the bulk of a slider, the Torino/Loft S2300 may be just the right device for you.
What kind of coverage does this network provide?

Virgin Mobile operates on the Sprint network, which allows them to offer nationwide 4G LTE service. Coverage will vary from location to location, however, so you may want to check the Virgin Mobile website to ensure you can enjoy full coverage in your area.

How do you activate your phone?

You will need a new SIM card to activate your device. Once you have purchased your device, you can visit the Virgin Mobile website to have a SIM card sent directly to you. Once your SIM card arrives, you simply insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot on your phone and go to the website to activate your device. Once your device is activated, you are ready to talk, text or do whatever your heart desires on your new device.

Can you use this device internationally?

Virgin Communications offers service in a number of different countries and global locations. In order to use your device Internationally, however, you will need to order a new SIM card that is compatible with a network where you will be traveling. When you return home, simply reinsert your Virgin USA SIM card and your device will immediately be ready to use again. If you are traveling to multiple countries, you may need to order separate SIM cards or plans for each country you visit.

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