LGA 1155 Computer Motherboards for Intel

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Your computer’s motherboard or logic board is the printed circuit board through which the many different parts of your computer integrate with one another. Your logic board allocates power to the hard drives, video cards, sound cards, optical drives, and other hardware responsible for specific computer functions and makes sure these components can communicate with one another. The robustness of the logic board determines how efficiently your computer is able to handle your commands and whether your device can be upgraded as your computing needs evolve.

Who are some logic board manufacturers?

Companies that make logic boards that can be used with Intel core processors may include:

  • ASUS
  • Dell
  • AOpen
  • Lenovo
  • Intel
  • Gigabyte

What are the components of a logic board?

If you take your LGA 1155 computer motherboard for Intel case apart so that you can look at your logic board, you’ll see the following components:

  • Expansion slots for video cards, sound cards, video capture cards, network cards, hard drives, and external peripherals
  • A heatsink for cooling the Intel processor
  • A socket which the processor fits into
  • An inductor coil
  • A capacitor
  • A memory slot that enables extra RAM to be added to the computer
  • RAID hard drives
  • Integrated circuits
  • A chipset with a northbridge and a southbridge
  • Various 3-pin and 4-pin connectors

What computer features do logic boards support?

Logic boards oversee a number of computer functions:

  • Controllers: Controllers are responsible for managing hard disk drives.
  • Integrated graphics: The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on the motherboard supports a variety of video display interfaces.
  • Embedded sound cards
  • Ethernet controller: This controller provides internet connectivity.
  • USB ports: Universal Serial Bus ports allow the logic board to connect with external devices that are plugged into the computer.
  • Sensors: Many logic boards also include sensors that monitor internal temperature and voltage.

Where is the logic board located inside a computer?

The logic board is typically located toward the base of a desktop computer and beneath the keyboard of a laptop computer.

When should a logic board be replaced?

Logic board issues mimic many other types of computer issues, so it’s important to verify that there is an issue with your logic board before considering a replacement. Malware and computer viruses in particular can imitate a struggling motherboard. Do a complete virus scan to rule these issues out, and if you’ve downloaded any recent files from an unfamiliar internet provider, you may want to restore your computer settings to a recent backup. Loose power supplies and peripherals may also cause issues that can mimic logic board issues.If your computer doesn’t turn on when you flick its power switch, you may need to replace the motherboard. Many motherboards have LED indicators; when all things are working as they should be, that indicator will typically flash green. If the LED light isn’t green, that may mean it’s time for a motherboard replacement.

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