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Recharge with Confidence Using a Dell Laptop Battery Replacement

With a Dell laptop battery replacement, you don't have to worry about running out of power and losing unsaved documents. Keeping a laptop charged up is the key to being able to work seamlessly. That's where a Dell laptop battery replacement comes in as it provides a fresh battery with its fullest charging potential and storage capacity to keep you computing for longer.

What voltage do Dell laptop batteries need to be powered?

Dell laptops require different levels of power to function properly, meaning their batteries will require different voltage levels to charge up. In general, most Dell laptops require above 10 volts of electricity; however, the exact number depends on a variety of factors from the size of the laptop, how powerful its processor is, and much more. Two of the most common voltage ratings include 11.1 and 14.8. There are ones that reach up to 19.5 volts or higher, however. Try to keep in mind what the original battery for your Dell laptop was like so that you have an easier time shopping for a replacement on eBay.

How many cells does a Dell laptop battery have?

A cell in relation to batteries refers to the components that can cause a chemical reaction that generates electricity. In simple terms, more cells means more power for your battery, so laptop batteries with more cells last longer. Dell laptop batteries vary based on the number of cells they have, though commonly they will either be four cells or six cells in total. Either way, this means Dell's batteries will typically last for several years at a time before a replacement could be necessary.

Are all laptop batteries compatible with all types of laptop?

Each laptop battery produced by Dell is manufactured to fit a certain variety of laptop. This means that you will need to pay attention to things like model number and the general battery shape when selecting one for purchase from eBay. A short list of models and variations on batteries include the following:

  • 1300 Series B120, B130: These 6- and 12-cell 11.1V batteries are long, thick, and rectangular in shape.
  • Inspiron 1000 Series: The Dell Inspiron 1000 Series laptop batteries are flat and rectangular in shape. They double as replacements for 1200 and 2200 Series laptops, too.
  • Inspiron 1525, 1526: The 1525 and 1526 model batteries are thick rectangles in shape. Be careful when selecting which you want, as the 9-cell variant has a ridge near the top that would make it incompatible for machines that run on a 6-cell battery.
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