Keep Your Lenovo Laptop Protected At All Times with a Keyboard Cover

Even when trying to be as careful as possible, you run the risk of spilling something on your laptop. With a keyboard protector in place you can help prevent your Lenovo device from suffering any damage. The cover can even act as a barrier to dust and other unwanted impurities in the air.

What material is the skin made from?

Silicone serves as the material of choice for these protective products. Silicone is a form of flexible polymer known for its high durability. Plastic and polyurethane may also be used to create a protective layer. The key property of these materials is that they reduce the chances of anything seeping through and causing damage to the keyboard.

Can a keyboard protector be cleaned?

Generally, you can clean the surface by hand using soapy water and non-abrasive chemicals. These products are not machine washable, so read all directions related to cleaning to avoid causing unnecessary damage.

What are the top features associated with a protector?

The skin comes with a few features designed to enhance its life, add better protection, and improve the user experience. The top features include:

  • Precision molding: Rather than fitting loosely over the QWERTY keyboard, these covers fit precisely and mold to every key in order to improve typing ability.
  • Rubber texture: Added grip texture cuts down on issues of slipping when typing. Fingers won't easily slide off the keys even when typing fast.
  • Multiple colors: Choose from a number of different color selections. Some available choices include black, white, pink, blue, and green. There is also a clear skin option.
Will the protector fit a variety of Lenovo models?

Yes, users can choose the appropriate skin for a specific laptop. Be sure to pick the protector intended for a specific model number to ensure an appropriate fit. The corresponding model numbers will be clearly listed. Be sure to also check the corresponding layout on the Enter key, as certain Enter keys are designed in the shape of an inverted 7, and some protectors won't fit a keyboard with this type of Enter key.

What size computers will the layer fit over?

These protectors can be fitted to many different sizes of Lenovo computers, including 13.3 inches, 14 inches, 15.6 inches, and other standard laptop sizes. They are cut to meet the length and width dimensions of a wide range of models.

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