Leather Boots for Men

Leather Boots for Men

Every man should have a good pair of boots in his closet. Buying this footwear should not be a tough task since there is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from when it comes to leather boots. With so many different styles and designs you are sure to find leather boots to suit your needs.

What types of leather are used to make boots?

There are several types of leather used to make mens boots. These include:

  • Full-grain - A high quality grade of leather is used to make these products. This material is comfortable, breathable, and durable. Instead of wearing out over time, this material forms a patina.
  • Top-grain - This is a common type of leather.
  • Patent - A leather with a glossy finish, its frequently used to make mens formal footwear
  • Napped - This material is very smooth, soft, and comfortable.
What are the styles available for mens boots?

Mens boots are designed to offer maximum comfort and durability. These shoes can be worn in formal, semi-casual or casual situations. There are four styles of mens boots available. They include:

  • Mens dress boots - These boots have laced-up closures. Others are made with an elastic band at the top to make them easier to wear and take off.
  • Chukka boot - These are rough-looking boots that are designed for a casual look. They have laces and are very comfortable.
  • Chelsea boot - This one goes just slightly above the ankle. They are not usually designed with laces. Because of the size, these shoes are easy to put on and remove. The Chelsea boot is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.
  • Cowboy boot - These are also known as the western boots. They are usually made of high-quality leather. The key feature of these shoes is the pointed toe and a wide leg. They are usually designed with decorative articles. Some cowboy boots are made of colored leather.
  • Work boot - This is designed to almost reach the knees. It is made of durable material and is extremely tough. The shoe provides a good grip and protects the foot. These work boots are suitable for work sites, building sites, and workshops.
What colors of leather boots are available?

Leather boots come in a diversity of colors. You can choose the color based on the clothes you intend to wear with the shoes. These are some of the available colors:

  • Black - This is the most common color of boot, and goes well with most outfits.
  • Brown - This one is an ideal boot color for informal occasions like weddings or church.
  • White - This goes well with a white or black outfit.
  • Tan - These boots are best matched with khaki pants and blazers.
  • Grey - This color goes well with a well-thought-out outfit