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LuLaRoe Polka Dot Leggings for Women

LuLaRoe Polka Dot Leggings for Women

LuLaRoe leggings for women are available in three cuts, and they all have a yoga-style waistband. The waistband is angled and high cut. The leggings come in polka dot, floral, and holiday prints.

How are these leggings sized?

The leggings come in three different grouping sizes. The Jade and Jordan collection are available in US size x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. See manufacturer site for details. Simply legging US sizes are:

  • One size: This is US 2 through 10 or x-small, small, and medium.
  • Tall and curvy: TC is US 12 through 18 or large and x-large.
  • TC2: Tall and curvy two first US 20 through 26 or XX-large and 2XL.
What are LuLaRoe Jade leggings?

The Jade collection of leggings are womens wear-style yoga pants that are approximately knee length. The material has some moisture wicking properties. A side panel is sewn down the outside thigh, and it is decorated with a reflective logo. Some of the panels have polka dots, abstract patterns, or stripes. The Jade collection can be machine washed. Turn the pants inside out, use cold water, and wash with a gentle cycle. Hang dry only.

What polka dot patterns do these leggings come in?

These leggings come in stripes with polka dots, such as pink and green striped pants with white polka dots. They are made in solid colors with polka dots, like gold with white dots and light pastel mint green with white dots. Additional pairs are printed with brand name cartoon characters. Some of the other polka dot colors are blue, orange, black, brown, and green. Items like teapots, wrapped presents, and hearts also embellish some of the clothing manufactured by this company.

What are Jordan leggings?

The Jordan style of womens wear leggings are ankle length and form fitting around the ankle. They are constructed of fabric that wicks some moisture. There is a decorative cross-stitching pattern on the seams. The Jordan cuts are available as one solid pattern and two fabrics sewn together. To wash turn the pants inside out, machine wash cold, and hang dry. Do not tumble dry in the dryer. Some of the patterns available are:

  • Irmas
  • Classics
  • Perfects
  • Nicoles
  • Amelia
What other legging collections are available from this company?

The brand has created groups of themed leggings. The themes include not only polka dots but also butterflies and birds, Aztec, big floral print, roses and hearts, Valentines day, paisley, and geometric.

The leggings are available in solid black. It is called the Noir collection.

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