Luvable Friends Baby Towels and Washcloths

Giving baby a bath is one of the great joys and responsibilities of parenthood. Many aspects of bath time can be fun, and seeing your baby's face peeking out from under a cute hooded towel is one of them. An adorable Luvable Friends hooded towel can be used to wrap your baby in warmth and comfort when bath time is done.

What kinds of designs do Luvable Friends hooded towels come in?

Luvable Friends hooded towels are 30 inches by 30 inches, leaving plenty of room to easily wrap baby after a bath. They are available in many different animal designs, with animal faces appliqued or stitched onto the hood. Some of the animals featured on the towels include elephants, dogs, ducks, foxes, and whales. Other prints like polka dots and stripes are available, and some towels feature words embroidered in contrasting stitching on the hood.

What designs do Luvable Friends washcloths come in?

Luvable Friends washcloths feature colors and patterns that coordinate with the hooded baby towels. The 9-inch by 9-inch cloths are available in four-, six-, 12-, or 24-pack options. They are often a mix of solid colors and small prints.

How many hooded towels and washcloths does a baby need?

The number of hooded towels to have ready for an infant will vary depending on the number of baths given per week and how often the towels are laundered. Average recommendations are two to four hooded towels for a newborn.

Some parents find that they can never have enough washcloths and feel that they can be used for many other purposes besides baths, while other parents find that they only use two or three for their child. It is common to have at least a pack of four or six on hand, and be ready to get more if you find you are using them often.

What fabrics are the hooded towels made from?

All of the baby towels that Luvable Friends makes are manufactured from absorbent knit cotton terry cloth. The fabric is 75% cotton and 25% polyester. The towels come in a variety of colors that include pastels, brights, and neutrals.

What are the towel's care instructions?

All Luvable Friends baby towels and washcloths are made from fabrics that are machine washable and dryer safe. They can be washed normally with your clothes or linens and folded or hung up until their next use.

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