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Manual Camera Lenses for Nikon

Manual camera lenses for Nikon come in a variety of different focal lengths and types like the standard 50mm or the wide-angle lenses. These lenses have a manual focus as opposed to an automatic focus and are compatible with a range of different mount types. You need to clean your manual lenses regularly in order to keep it functioning effectively.

What kinds of mounts are compatible with these lenses?

A variety of different mounts are compatible with Nikon lenses, including the Canon EF, Canon EF-S, Canon EOS, M42, Micro Four Thirds, and the Sony E-Mount. Mounts hold the camera and lens steady while you shoot to minimize movement that might skew a shot. The type of mounts you use for your manual focus lenses is up to your personal needs.

What sorts of focal lengths and lens types are available?

This brand of manual lenses is available in both fixed and zoom lenses. Fixed lenses do not enlarge images, although they can be moved closer to or further from an object to capture different details. Zoom lenses can enlarge an image and focus accordingly to capture different levels of details. Focal lengths vary widely. Available lengths include options 20, 24, 24-70, 28, 35, 50, 85, and 300 millimeters. These lenses are coined as zoom lenses, macro lenses, wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, AI lenses, and so on. Longer or shorter lenses allow for a narrow or wider shot. Some lenses screw directly onto the camera body.

What are the available aperture ratings?
  • Aperture ratings vary widely. Aperture is the amount of light that comes through the lens through a special opening to provide a certain amount of exposure.
  • More light means more exposure, and less light means less exposure.
  • The types of ratings include f-1.2, f-1.4, f-1.8, f-2, f-2.8, f-3.5, f-4, and f-8. Lower f-stops mean more light comes in, and larger ratings mean less light comes into the lens.
How do you care for a manual lens?

This brand of manual lenses are made from different kinds of plastic and glass. Glass makes up most of the actual lens, while plastic encases it. Dials and adjustments on the exterior are also made from plastic. To care for both materials appropriately, start by wiping down the outside of the lens with a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris. Make sure that all the dust is removed from the glass portion as well, either by using a very soft bristle brush or compressed air to avoid scratching the surface. Once the lens is clear, apply lens cleaner to a soft cloth. Starting at the center of the lens, use circular strokes to work your way toward the edges. Taking time to clean the lens regularly can help to maintain its efficiency when shooting photos.

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