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Marie Claire Magazine Back Issues

Marie Claire is an international magazine. First published in France in 1937, the magazine covers fashion, beauty, and health topics. People can collect the back issues to complete a collection, to follow the career of a specific cover model or designer, or because some issues become noteworthy.

What international editions are there?

The exact number of international editions changes from time to time, but the magazine is distributed in roughly 24 languages and published in approximately 35 countries, including Russia, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, Japan, Germany, and China. There are Arabic editions published in Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

What types of content does Marie Claire contain?

Each international version has its own format. Cover stories may fall into any number of categories, such as beauty, relationships, career advice, and celebrity news. The magazine also includes a "Hot List" of beauty and fashion products worth exploring. Features include current events and news, interviews, and notes on health and fitness.

Intermittently, a Men's Grooming Special appears, in which editors deconstruct the grooming practices of a popular actor, musician, or model. The publication runs "Letters to the Editor" and special coupons every month.

Do international versions feature international stars and cover models?

Yes, they do. Each international edition is more apt to put a local celebrity on the cover, and the cover model is often the central interview and the subject of the featured editorial. Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Mendes have appeared on the covers of United Kingdom editions, and Beyonce has a Mexican edition to her credit. Models, actors, and notable personalities often appear on the covers of international editions, and curated lists of much loved stars are quite common.

Are there vintage collectible editions?

There are vintage collectible editions from every decade the magazine has been in print, although their availability varies seasonally. They contain ads, stories, and illustrations. Vintage French editions adhere to different formats depending on the decade. Some contain a "Sommaire" (summary) of sections devoted to "Beaute et Hygiene" (Beauty and Hygiene), "Mode" (Fashion), "Lecture" (Articles), "Familie et Art de Vivre" (Family and Lifestyle), and "La Maison" (Home), a section covering recipes and home decor. Collectors will often seek out issues on which their favorite celebrities have been featured on the cover. In other cases, people collect issues built around certain topics, such as the denim editions. The magazine's back issues go back as far as 1937, the year the magazine first hit the scene.

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