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Mens Leather Baseball Caps

Hats serve a variety of functions in different seasons and climates. In particular, a leather baseball cap can help protect your face from UV rays and shield your eyes from the sun. Consider the following options when looking for a men's leather baseball cap.

How do you choose a men's leather baseball cap?

When you're shopping for leather caps, there are many different styles, colors, and designs from which you can pick. Here are some criteria for you to consider when making your selection.

  • Color: You can find men's leather baseball hats in an array of colors. You can choose from a variety of classic black leather cap styles or find choices in blue, red, white, or another color. Some may have patriotic designs or a distressed, vintage leather look. They may also have a visible logo or other decoration.
  • Size: Find a leather baseball cap that will fit your head correctly. Some hats are adjustable, while others will need to be sized for an accurate fit. If you choose a fitted hat, make sure to measure your head before purchasing to ensure that you get the correct size. Classic cap sizes are typically designated as small, medium large, or extra-large.
  • Crown style: You can choose between leather baseball caps that are either constructed or unconstructed. The former includes a piece called a buckram, which holds up the crown of the hat in a structured shape. This is a cap shape that is commonly seen on professional athletes. The latter lacks this piece and instead follows the shape of the head. Another variant is the men's "trucker-style" hat, which includes mesh panels in the back of the crown.
  • Crown size: The size of the crown is how tall the top of the hat sits in relation to its band. Leather caps can have a high, moderate, or low crown size.
  • Bill shape: The bills, or visors, of all hats serve the same function, but you can choose between two major styles. A typical bill is curved, and many men's leather hats use this shape. The alternative to this is a flat bill, which sits in a completely horizontal fashion straight across the forehead.
  • Clasp: There are a variety of clasps available for leather baseball caps. Adjustable hats may use a plastic snap closure, an adjustable loop tape closure, a strap with a slide closure, a strap with a metal buckle, or a nylon clip closure. A fitted hat does not need a clasp because it is designed to fit your head as is.
How do you measure for a fitted men's leather cap?

A fitted leather baseball cap requires an accurate head measurement. To get this head measurement:

  1. Wrap some measuring tape securely around your head.
  2. Hold the measuring tape firmly about one-eighth of an inch above your ear, then wrap it horizontally across your forehead and all the way around your head.
  3. The measuring tape should fit your head just as a hat or cap would. The measurement, in inches, is your hat size.