Men's Masonic Rings

Mens Masonic Rings

The Masonic ring is an outward symbol denoting that one is a part of the Freemason fraternity that promotes faith, hope, integrity, fairness, honesty, and love.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is an organization of fraternity that ranges back to the 14th century. Local communities of this organization are called lodges. They are commonly governed by a Grand Lodge existing within the region. Their core beliefs rest in the idea of love for all mankind, particularly brotherly love.

What role does the ring serve in Freemasonry?

The ring signifies ones loyalty to the brotherhood of Masonry and its values. The rings can help different individuals from the fraternity recognize each other in all kinds of settings as well as serve as a reminder to the wearer of their membership and beliefs.

What are the different types of Masonic rings?

The types of rings depend on the Masonic symbol engraved on its face.

  • The first type has the symbol of a square and a compass and often has a "G" engraved in the middle. The "G" symbolizes GAOTU, an acronym for the universal architect. It may also stand for "God," depending on ones beliefs.
  • A Knight Templar ring has a symmetrical cross in the center. It shows that one belongs to the Freemason lineage of the Knights Templar.
  • A Scottish Rite ring is a clean band of gold with an equilateral triangle around the Hebrew letter Yud.
  • The Shrine Ring has a sword and a crescent.
  • Other types of rings depend on the variation of Freemasonry, including the Blue Lodge and the Eastern Star rings.
How is the Masonic Ring worn?

This type of ring is generally worn on the third finger of the right hand, although many men choose to wear their band on the pinky finger of either hand.

What is this Masonic jewelry made of?

Masonic jewelry can be found in a wide range of metals. These rings are typically made of gold, white gold, silver, stainless steel, or sterling silver that may be covered with steralite to prevent it from tarnishing.

What are other symbols found in Masonic jewelry?
  • Trowel - represents life and strong relationships
  • Scimitar or fez - represents Shriners order
  • Sun - shows a member that was a Lodge Master in the past
How should you care for your Masonic jewelry?

Masonic pieces can contain intricate designs and crevices where dirt can stick. Many parts of the design have enamel and colored pieces that should not be soaked in hot water or hard chemicals. It is better to wipe the jewelry down with a cloth regularly or brush it with a soft brush. Using soapy water with a mild soap can also be an appropriate way to clean its surface. If the ring is sterling silver and is not coated with steralite, use specially designated creams for silver jewelry to remove and tarnish from the surface.