Meprolight Red Dot Sight and Laser Scopes

Adding extra sights and scopes to your rifle or pistol has always been a key modification, and red dots and lasers have the advantages of being easy to use while adding significant functionality and versatility. There are many different makes and models to choose from for precise optics. Finding the right option depends on knowing what you need and what will fit onto your gun.

What light source is used for Meprolight sights and scopes?

Most units use a material called tritium. Tritium is also known as hydrogen 3 because it is an isotope of hydrogen with an atomic mass of about 3 amu. Tritium is radioactive and emits light for several years until it has fully decayed. Placing a small quantity of tritium into a tube with clear glass at one or both ends will create a focused beam of light that doesn't need batteries or charging. Tritium is safe, accessible, and easy to use. It is also low-risk because the light is weak. It won't accidentally blind someone under normal conditions. The light's weakness means that a beam coming from a tritium source is generally not visible in the daytime or in light conditions that are brighter than an average night.

Are there Meprolight sights and scopes that don't use tritium?

Some units, especially red dot models, will contain a laser that has to be powered by a battery. These can be stronger and take on different colors as long as they are supplied with fresh batteries whenever they need them. The length of time that they last depends on their strength: a brighter light drains energy faster. Usually, a commercial AA or similar battery is sufficient for a Meprolight sight. They work in the daytime and are compatible with night-vision goggles for use in darkness. They'll mount easily to your weapon using a scope ring.

What special features can a red dot sight have?

It is characteristic of Meprolight that a red dot will have some additional controls. That might include multiple levels of brightness of the dot or an automatic turn-off to manage energy usage. These features make the product more efficient, so you won't need as many batteries. They also add flexibility for when hunting in settings with variable light conditions and you want the most suitable dot brightness. Another common feature is compatibility with night-vision goggles, magnifiers, and other worn attachments. Compatibility means you can wear those extras and still use your red dot without losing clarity, field of view, or range when shooting.