Metal/Aluminum Bumpers for iPhone 6

Tough and Stylish Metal and Aluminum Bumpers for the iPhone 6

Metal and aluminum bumper cases for the iPhone 6 are designed to protect the phone from damage. The bumpers may come in a variety of colors and styles. Products compatible with the iPhone 6 are manufactured by many brands.

Which brands manufacture bumpers for the iPhone 6?

In addition to the following branded bumpers, there are also unbranded bumpers available.

  • Apple
  • DracoDesign
  • Simon Armor
What types of metal bumpers are available?

Metal and aluminum bumpers for the iPhone 6 come in a variety of styles. There is a minimalist style that only covers the outer edges of the device. This style is designed to protect the edge of the phone while allowing the device to fit into pants, shirt, or jacket pockets. There are also shockproof versions of the product that may cover the back of the phone and the outer edges. Shockproof models are designed for rugged use and are designed to protect the phone if you drop it. There are also metal bumper cases that cover the back of the device completely. The case models are designed to cover as much of the device as possible.

What features are available for this product?

All versions of metal and aluminum bumpers contain openings that allow the user access to the buttons and ports on the iPhone 6. The bumper also allows you to use the devices camera, microphone, speaker, and other parts of the phone without interference. Some of the metal and aluminum bumpers may include additional accessories such as a kickstand to allow the device to stand on a flat surface.

What styles and colors of bumpers are available?

There are many colors available, ranging from solid colors to more exotic hues. Some versions of this product are finished with a silver or gold plating. There are also bumpers with different types of finishes, such as a glossy or matte finish. Other versions of the product and cases may contain sculpted artwork on the sides and the back panels. Some different versions of metal or aluminum bumpers include patterns, artwork, or other design elements.

Is assembly required?

Some of the metal bumpers come in several pieces. The product pieces fit around the phone and snap together. Typically, no tools are required for assembly. Shockproof versions of the product may require more pieces to fit together. Metal or aluminum cases may arrive complete and require no assembly.

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