Cajas de metal/aluminio/Cubiertas Para iPhone 6 Plus

Toughen Up with a Metal or Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Cover

When you're outdoors, snapping pictures or looking up information on your iPhone 6 Plus, there is the possibility of dropping your iPhone. To make your iPhone less likely to get damaged, you can put it in a sturdy cover. Various metals, including aluminum, are among the materials used in designs of iPhone covers meant to provide protection.

What kind of materials are used for these covers?
  • Aluminum: An aluminum cover can be made slim, to minimize bulk. When aluminum is combined with another material, the result is an aluminum alloy. Sometimes manufacturers use an aluminum alloy to keep the phone case slim while still maintaining strength for protection of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Titanium: This is another lightweight metal that can maintain its shape and integrity. It's also resistant to corrosion. These qualities mean designs using titanium are meant to offer even more protection for your iPhone.
  • Stainless steel: This is a hard material that is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.
Are there different design elements used in these covers?

You can classify different types of designs meant to provide protection for your Apple iPhone by a variety of features.

  • Color: Metal can usually be painted to just about any color so that you can find red, blue, and yellow metal iPhone 6 covers in addition to the more traditional gray or black iPhone cases. You can also have a base layer with a metallic finish in addition to a more decorative layer that may have a pattern or design overlaying the color.
  • Shape: Some iPhone cases follow the lines and corners of the Apple iPhone. Others have a more geometric look, with reinforced corners and beveled edges.
Are metal covers one piece or multiple pieces?

They can be either. One-piece covers snap onto your Apple phone, creating a snug fit around your iPhone. Other cases include multiple components. Those components either snap together, or they need to be screwed together. The screws are small in diameter and length, similar to the screws that hold together eyeglasses. You may find one or two screws in each corner of the protective case. Sometimes, a metal cover can be paired with a rubber bumper to get both cushioning and strength.

Do iPhone 6 cases come with other components?

There are other options that may be available to come included with covers for the iPhone 6 Plus, including:

  • Gorilla Glass: This glass goes over the glass on the face of the phone to offer extra protection for the glass screen on your iPhone from Apple.
  • Clip: You could use the clip to attach your phone case to a belt or bag, putting your phone in a secure place that still provides convenient access.
  • Stand: Having a stand on the back of your cover can let you prop up your iPhone whenever you want to free up your hands.
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