Metal Screens and Room Dividers

Metal screens are an attractive way to divide an interior room for different functions. They are also used to enhance your privacy so that others are not able to see you when you are behind the screens. Metal room screens are designed to be easy to fold, set up, and stored, and the metal enhances their durability.

What materials are metal screens and room dividers made from?
  • Perforated metal: Perforated metals such as aluminum may be used to make a screen. This is often the case for a screen that consists of only metal. The aluminum is lightweight and naturally resists rust and corrosion. The perforations in the aluminum allow a little bit of light to shine through.
  • Powder-coated steel: Powder-coated steel offers durability for room dividers and screens.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is often used as the product's frame. It is also used for the wire frames that hold mirrored windows in the central portions.
  • Glass: This may be used in the windows of the pieces. The glassy sheets are held in place by the metal framework. Polycarbonate or clear acrylic may be used in place of glazed sheets in order to reduce the weight of these furnishings.
  • Fabrics: Woven cotton canvas, jute, water hyacinth reeds, bamboo, or polyvinyl chloride may make up the center parts of the screen.
How do you choose a metal screen or room divider?
  • Select a width and height: Choose the dimensions of the divider. They range in 48 to 72 inches wide and from 24 to 72 inches tall by 2 to 4 inches deep. By folding in the panels slightly, you can adjust the width of the metal room divider according to your needs.
  • Choose a color: Decorative metal room dividers are available in black, white, silver, and tan as neutral colors. The panels of the decorative dividers may be color-coordinated with the frames. The panels can also be a contrasting or bright color, such as blue, golden brown, or red. There are also frosted glass panels that use white etching to make a design.
  • Select a style: Select a style for the decorative folding furniture. The available designs include country, vintage, Asian-inspired, farmhouse, modern, and contemporary.
How do you use a metal screen or room divider?

A screen made of metal and other materials is often used to enhance your level of privacy. If you have a large window that is visible to passersby on the street, a screen with a steel frame and metal or woven material in the panels prevents people from looking into your home and seeing you or your belongings. The screens made of metal can also be used to divide a room. Studio apartments typically have one large combined living and bedroom with no walls. The screen could divide the area where your bed is from the area where you eat, work, or watch television. The dividers could also be used to provide privacy to your changing or dressing area or for a patient care area in an office or health care setting.