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Too Many Women's Mickey Mouse Sneakers to Count

Mickey Mouse Cream Athletic Shoes

Since his creation in 1928, Mickey Mouse has graced the covers of numerous literary works and adorned any object you can imagine. It was only a matter of time before Mickey Mouse stamped his influence on the sneaker industry. Women's Mickey Mouse tennis shoes simultaneously embrace the imaginative culture of Walt Disney characters and the fitness revolution.

How and when did Mickey Mouse athletic shoes arrive?

Mickey Mouse athletic sneakers come from two different disciplines. The Superstar was a low-top basketball shoe from 1969. It graced the feet of such legends as Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In the 1970s, the Superstar easily transitioned to pop culture and casual wear. Furthermore, it inspired many collaborations such as with Run D.M.C. and Walt Disney.

In contrast, the Stan Smith was a sneaker for professional tennis players. It was created in 1965 and initially called Hailett after the French player Robert. Upon Hailett's retirement, Adidas sought an active player for their new designs. Adidas reinvented the brand in 1971, naming it Stan Smith after an American champion.

Mickey Mouse Pink Athletic Shoes

Both Mickey Mouse models stayed true to the styles of the original shoes with low silhouettes and a minimalist approach. The Superstar retained its classic rubber toe shells.

Is the Mickey Mouse sneaker a good training shoe?

Mickey Mouse athletic shoes for women provide the lateral stability and front-end support required of a high-performance trainer. Unlike many of the other slip-on Mickey Mouse shoes, Adidas x Disney collaborations focused on its original design as a performance kick.

  • Ortholite sockliner - Enables you to pull the shoe on; grips and cushions the ankle
  • Full grain leather uppers and leather lining - Provides a soft and supple feel
  • Rubber cup sole- Decent traction
  • Standard lace closure - Allows for adjustable comfort and additional stability
Mickey Mouse Red Athletic Shoes

What are other Women's Mickey Mouse sneakers besides Adidas?

The Vans x Walt Disney collaboration began in the 1960s. With an official license in the early '90s, came the first Mickey Mouse flats in 11 designs.

  • Black and white Checkered slip-on sneaker with Mickey on upper of one toe and Minnie on the other
  • "Old Skool" model - Suede and cotton canvas uppers; Special edition has multi-colored upper in yellow, green, and pink; Image of Mickey Mouse is in classic style

The Mickey Mouse Converse is a result of a collaboration between Converse and Kith, and Disney. Mickey Mouse was featured in the Chuck 70s collection in 2019, but there are numerous recreations of the famous animated mouse over several years.

  • Black leather - Tiny images of Mickey Mouse in chronological progression above midsole; High top
  • Parchment-colored canvas - Mickey Mouse faces on uppers with ears positioned to correspond with the lace eyes; High top
Mickey Mouse Grey Athletic Shoes

Converse was created in 1917 and named its All-Star line Chuck Taylor in 1923. Nike acquired the brand in 2003. Improved Nike technology and the classic Converse silhouette would return the sneaker to athletic and basketball prominence in 2019. Converse also has a line specifically for skateboarders.

What is appealing about the Mickey Mouse sneaker's style?

Mickey Mouse athletic shoes are based on the Stan Smith Originals Adidas of 1971. The line Stan Smith put forth a minimalistic style and low profile.

The Mickey Mouse leather trainers retain the low-top silhouette and basketball specs of the Adidas Originals. The 3D model foregoes the Adidas stripes , instead opting for a unique representation of Mickey Mouse. There are three models of Mickey Mouse tennis shoes in the Adidas x Disney collaboration.

  • Mickey Mouse x Adidas Superstar - White with an image of Mickey Mouse torso and feet on lateral uppers in red, black, and yellow; Rubber shell toe and outsole
  • Stan Smith 3D Graffiti - Mickey Mouse comic strip across entire upper which you can only decipher with 3D glasses
  • Stan Smith - Three lines of perforations visible on this model; Monochromatic illustration of Mickey Mouse's face and hands on the upper; Base white shoe
Mickey Mouse Athletic Shoes

Stan Smith vs. Vans vs. Converse Mickey Mouse Sneakers

Stan Smith Vans Converse
Sizing 4 to 14 6 to 10 6 to 11
Fit A little small True to size A little big
Closures Laces Slip-on Laces
Style Lowtop Lowtop, midtop Hightop, lowtop
Available Latest Models 2 11 3

Is the Adidas Mickey Mouse sneaker true to size?

If you can find them, Adidas Mickey Mouse athletic shoes for women run sizes 4 to 14. The Superstar has unisex sizes, while Stan Smith has specifications for women. Both shoes are meant to fit snugly. Adidas Superstars are true to size, but you may need to go up half a size on your Stan Smiths. See the manufacturer's site for details.

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